Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Never give up on people

     Southern phrase of the day "a minute" often means a very long time, DESPITE it's actual english translation-interesting eh? 
For example, if someone were to ask me how long I've loved this gospel, I'd say "oh, it's been a minute" aka-since, birth. No wait-since the beginning of eternity-which doesn't have a beginng, soooo moving on to more tangible topics here's the weekly highlights!! love y'all 

    It’s funny when people say “just down the road”-when you live out in the countryside of SC, “just down the road ends up being a lot farther than you anticipate”. So after we drove “just down the road” from Sister Horn’s to the referral she gave us, we pulled up to a gorgeous brick home, with multiple cars-one of which sported the license plate “WOODHAM”,  so we knew we were in the right place. Skeet wasn’t home but we got to talk with Wanda who had lots of questions, didn’t agree with the idea that not everyone can go in temples (she understood once we explained but didn’t agree). She was very forward about her beliefs and conviction to the Methodist church so I was hesitant, but was led to offer her a Book of Mormon. And as soon as I pulled it out and said “we’d love to give you your own copy”-she lit right up and was so excited. She was ecstatic to finally have one of her own to read, and had been wondering what she was going to do at the doctors office all day tomorrow. We testified, prayed and went away quite pleased with how things turned out-hopefully we’ll get to stay in contact through the Horns and see how it all works out. 

So Ernest had been calling us sporadically, so we’d call back or stop by but no one would answer. Finally we caught him and walked and talked like normal. He told us how he had been accepted into a University in Indiana-when I brought up baptism he said he'd  like to do it this time. It’s so hard to know how he really feels-being a 20yr old guy I don’t think he loves to talk about his feeling received an answer. I rolled with it and busted out my planner and the baptismal interview questions.  Remember when we dropped him and Sis Makin and I went away weeping-and now baptism! What?! I can still hardly believe it!

Madison Scott and her grandma Elain…alaine? (questionable spelling) are the best, buuutt, live so far away!  We only get to see them when we go out to Bishopville, so this time we committed to make this visit super effective and on topic. They both love to chat, and madison-typical 14yr old-can be slightly distracted sometimes. It started out a wee bit off topic as usual, but we pulled out the cups and Alaine really picked up on the idea of one true church, and how it needed ot be restored. We helped them recognize the holy ghost, and Alaine  was almost in tears as Sis Black bore testimony. We asked them to pray and read from the BOM and invited them to church and to the Christmas party. As we left they told us we’d be seeing them before Christmas. We’re almost positive Alaine knows it’s true, what’s holding her back, we don’t know.

Still love y'all! and cool thought from Pres. Hinckley. In a devotional he gave once he spoke about how during Christmas we rightly focus entirely on the Savior, but he said it'd be important to carve out just a little time to remember Dec. 23rd-the birthday of Joseph Smith. who "has done more, save Jesus Christ, for the salvation of man than any other person"-John taylor (definitely paraphrased, sorry Pres. Taylor.

LOVE-Sister Smith:D:D

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