Monday, July 29, 2013

First Letter from South Carolina its been one week

I can't believe I'm already in South Carolina! I'm in the Hartsville area (with a few surrounding cities) with Sister Makin (from AF). Hartsville is pretty tiny, only about 7500 people, but it's really spread out so it's nice to have a car-really wish I could bike though. Sorry if the rest of the email kinda skips around, I'm just cutting and pasting from what I journaled on my AlphaSmart thing (which is AMAZING)
The plane ride was great-I sat next to a mish and a return mish to Atlanta and from Atlanta to SC I sat next to Joe, a Catholic from Lousiana, we talked the entire time and I left him with a card, not positive how interested he was but he was way nice. 
 I love south carolina!! Our first morning in SC we left the hotel by 6:30am and headed out for what they described as an "excursion"-it's super hard to tell where you're at because of all the trees. They randomly stop us on the side of the road (all 31 new elders and sisters and the AP's, sister training leaders and mission president. We walked about 50yds into the woods and had our own "sacred grove" experience. 
It was amazing, there was a thick layer of leaves on the ground, surrounded by a thicket of trees, vines and shrubbery and the the silence was filled with tons of birds singing. President Holm talked to us a little, we sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" and then were left to ponder about what this meant to us. I thought about the significance of it all and how I knew that Joseph had seen God the Father and Jesus Christ and how much I wanted to share that message with the people of SC. When we were done pondering we were instructed, whenever we were ready, to make our way out in a different direction. Little did I know that about 50 yds through the woods, it opened up to a beautiful view of the Columbia temple. The spirit was so strong and I received a strong witness of how important the FULNESS of this gospel is, and what spectacular blessings are available to my investigators. We got to go inside and listen to the temple president/wife speak.
We also got to go tracting for 2 hrs-and I loved every minute of it! No one really listened to us's so great to be out serving the Lord and talking about the gospel!
It's weird being the new sister in the area that nobody knows-i get a nervous smile from the person and the "where's the other one?(in reference to Sis Mchaley who transfered)" question alot. I still fee super lost in Hartsville so I just have to keep reminding myself that it's only my first few days. 
Saturday, I got to experience my first South Carolina rain storm-but everyone's telling me "i ain't seen nothing yet".
When we went over to Willie's for his baptism we still couldn't find him, we were super worried. Lucky for miracles though-a medicare guy drove up looking for Willie and somehow knew he was at his sister's house, we got the address and rushed over to find Willie just chillin on the front porch. He had sprained his ankle pretty bad so we had to call off the baptism for a 2nd time-but we won't give up, we'll do what it takes to get Willie to baptism-3rd time's the charm right?
One thing I love about the south though-although they're confused at first who I am (the last missionary was a short girl with short dark hair) after they meet me I always get a hug (they're big into huggin')! Also-evvveerrryone here is friendly. I love being able to wander down the road and wave, smile and yell "how y'all doin'?" to EVERYONE, and they always wave and smile back.
Oh yeah-Southern phrase of the day. "cut that TV on/off", yup instead of turning it on or off, you would say "cut the lights on" or "cut that radio off"-it's great. 
Hope you all have a "blessed day" ---they say that here too:)
Love, Sis. Smith

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Going to South Carolina

Yesterday we got a call from Lindsay.  She was at the Salt Lake Airport 6:30 am and ready to head out to South Carolina.  She was excited to be going.  There were 8 sisters and 17 elders going out with her.  No worry about getting that group lost.  We are anxiously waiting for her first letter from the mission field.

Friday, July 19, 2013

First week in MTC

I'm loving this-and I know I wouldn't be loving it so much w/o all of the amazing influence I have had in my life. the home/community is really your greatest advantage in preparing to be a missionary. sorry i can't send any pictures this time, i brought my camera and plugged it in and everything..buuuuut i think they do magic things to these computers to make sure new missionaries don't break any rules. Let's plan on next week-I will barrage you with many pictures.

LILLI! yes you'll have to get me pictures and tell me how much she's growing....speaking of growing-I can't believe how much the Lord has allowed me to progress. I used to study my scriptures because I liked them and knew that when I read them I was blessed. but nooooow, I get going in personal study time and can't put them down, there really are so many answers in them and the Book of Mormon allows the spirit to be with you like nothing else.

I got your package thank you sooo much. the cookies are amazing and I'm going to offer them to my district tonight. plus it'll be super helpful because we leave at 3:30AM for the airport and won't have time to eat. oh yeah! i'm going to get some quarters so I can try and call you monday. it'll be early and I'll call your cell phone mom. Our flight leaves at like 7:05am so i might be calling around 6?..not sure...they didn't give up many details. and if i don't have time to call you from SLC i might call you from South carolina at a later time...or Atlanta (that's where we hav a layover)...but I'm not really sure.sorry
Jamie-the food is amazing they have so many different options. there are at least 3 different entrees, a leftovers section, a wrap bar (super good), a whole array of premade salads (the spinach chicken rivals Zupas), and you can always get CANTELOUPE (and other fruits and veggies), make yourself a sandwich, have cereal (they have the delicious blueberry muffin top cereal you introduced me to) and you pray before every meal-and it's not awkward at all, so it just makes everything better. Oh and every wednesday and Sunday they get BYU creamery ice cream. Don't worry I'm in total control and my companion marvels and always mentions how healthy i am. haha, Jared will be here for 9 weeks, tell him not to get "esta gourdo" :D:D
A one day schedule at the MTC well, here's what tuesday was
 Arise and prepare (6:30-7) study time (7-7:45) breakfast (7:45-8:15) personal study (8:15-9:35) gym time (9:35-10:35) prepare for next activity (10:35-11:05) additional study time (11:05-12:40), lunch (12:40-1:15) classroom instruction-this is also when we teach for 15min our progressing investigator Gary (gary is a investigator my teacher acts out that he met on his mission, so he's real! sorta) (1:25-4:25) zone teaching (4:25-5:10) dinner (5:10-6) study time (6-7) devotional-gordon b hinckely's son richard spoke to us, and I got to sing in the choir (7-8), district devotioal review (8-9) planning session (9-9:30) personal time/companionship prayer (9:30-10:30) .....doesn't that sound just AWESOME! i love it, and I'm going to be really sad to leave my teachers and district, I've grown to love them all so much over the past 9 days.
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! have a really fabulous day:D:D
Love, Sister Smith

Sunday, July 14, 2013

MTC Address

You have until July 22nd to write or send package to Sister Lindsay Smith at the MTC

Sister Lindsay Mae Smith
2011 N 900 E Unit 257
Provo, Ut  84602

First email

Tribute to Billy Joel's song (and Dad who introduced me to him)-It really is "all about love" <--i think that's one of his songs. Loving the investigator seems to be the whole idea here and I love it! It's not about teaching the lessons it's about knowing the needs/interests/struggles of the investigator and then teaching them about what they need.
Anywho-guess what, IMMA MISSIONARY!!! It still feels super surreal, I guess I've only been here less than 2 days, but the missionary aspect is seeping in slowly. Everything else is coming at us full blast! I've learned a whole lot and feel like I can't remember it at all-like everyone says here it's kinda like trying to drink from a firehydrant-I'm am very hydrated and slightly soaked in spiritual greatness. \
The first day was mostly getting familiar with everything. I met my companion Sister Warden. Shes from Tremonten, UT and went to Bear River High School and then BYU-I. She's great, we get along super well-and the best part is that she wants to work hard and improve just as much as I do-we're always looking for ways to improve and do better. Which is in EVERYWAY so far, I feel so inadequate trying to plan lessons and other missionary things-but I definitely can feel the power behind being set apart as a missionary.
Lindsay first email--her P-day was Friday
The food's great, the weather's better (I'm very grateful for the rain as opposed to 112 degree weather).
I've met a ton of people who're going to South Carolina with me, all six girls in my district  and another 4 girls/4elders in my zone are going there. There's an Elder Roetker from Lehi who's in my zone (he knows kjeisten, ran track with him).
Speaking of people I know-I've seen a few of some familiar faces around.
-Elder Holland (not the apostle, just the friendly guy with the cows on the corner:)
-Elder Tolman (Jared will know him from school)
-annnd a few peeps from SUU
Oh and speaking of...not this..We got mail and our agendas today and we head out for SC the 22nd at 3:30 in the AM!! Also, whilst I'm in the MTC I only get to check the email on Friday but letters from are delivered multiple times a day *hint* hint*. just yoking!!!
The other 6 elders in my district are headed out to Uganda in a couple weeks (so our preparation is a little different, we're all wondering baout how to teach people with stron bible backgrounds and they're asking questions like "how do you teach someone who can't read the BOM)
I didn't bring my cord with me today so I can't send you any pictures, buuuut I totally will next week-I have some real good ones, one may or may not involve a tree that smells of cream soda.
Also I'm sending y'all a letter (check out my good use of y'all) it should be arriving shortly. Ummmmm, like I said I've only been here a couple days, not too much to write-heck I didnt even have to do any laundy on my first P-day, it's also real weird having so much free time, I need some direction, but P-day only lasts until 1:25PM then it's back to bidness (aka business but more hardcore).
Lemme know if you have any questions Jared....or anyone else!
Love y'all tonz and tonz!!!
Love, Lindsay:D:D.....scratch that
Love, Sister Smith:D:D
PS: sorry if you were expecting something else...a ton has happened just not sure what to say..ummmm here's a list
-played sand volleyball for Gym time, wish i could've played soccer but no one else was playing, and it's not much of a joy to play 1 v 1
-drank some milk this morning, and cleaned the toilets at like 6AM
-was welcomed in every language possible the first day. they give you this fancy newbie sticker that causes everyone to say hi to you-you feel so special:)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Its official Sister Lindsay Mae Smith is at the MTC 
She will be missed but we are so excited for her and the people of South Carolina
They are getting one of the great ones.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hiya folks! Well today's ALMOST the day, I ship out to the Missionary Training Center this Wednesday (July 10th) and could always be more prepared but couldn't be more excited and eager to start learning and serving as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love this gospel and it brings me true joy (that's what the truth can do for ya), and more than anything I want others to know of the joy that is theirs for the taking in this life.
My little brother will be serving in Sydney, Australia Mandarin Chinese speaking-He's great!

A few of the mission pics :)
(Mission pics were done by the talented Ashley of