Friday, July 19, 2013

First week in MTC

I'm loving this-and I know I wouldn't be loving it so much w/o all of the amazing influence I have had in my life. the home/community is really your greatest advantage in preparing to be a missionary. sorry i can't send any pictures this time, i brought my camera and plugged it in and everything..buuuuut i think they do magic things to these computers to make sure new missionaries don't break any rules. Let's plan on next week-I will barrage you with many pictures.

LILLI! yes you'll have to get me pictures and tell me how much she's growing....speaking of growing-I can't believe how much the Lord has allowed me to progress. I used to study my scriptures because I liked them and knew that when I read them I was blessed. but nooooow, I get going in personal study time and can't put them down, there really are so many answers in them and the Book of Mormon allows the spirit to be with you like nothing else.

I got your package thank you sooo much. the cookies are amazing and I'm going to offer them to my district tonight. plus it'll be super helpful because we leave at 3:30AM for the airport and won't have time to eat. oh yeah! i'm going to get some quarters so I can try and call you monday. it'll be early and I'll call your cell phone mom. Our flight leaves at like 7:05am so i might be calling around 6?..not sure...they didn't give up many details. and if i don't have time to call you from SLC i might call you from South carolina at a later time...or Atlanta (that's where we hav a layover)...but I'm not really sure.sorry
Jamie-the food is amazing they have so many different options. there are at least 3 different entrees, a leftovers section, a wrap bar (super good), a whole array of premade salads (the spinach chicken rivals Zupas), and you can always get CANTELOUPE (and other fruits and veggies), make yourself a sandwich, have cereal (they have the delicious blueberry muffin top cereal you introduced me to) and you pray before every meal-and it's not awkward at all, so it just makes everything better. Oh and every wednesday and Sunday they get BYU creamery ice cream. Don't worry I'm in total control and my companion marvels and always mentions how healthy i am. haha, Jared will be here for 9 weeks, tell him not to get "esta gourdo" :D:D
A one day schedule at the MTC well, here's what tuesday was
 Arise and prepare (6:30-7) study time (7-7:45) breakfast (7:45-8:15) personal study (8:15-9:35) gym time (9:35-10:35) prepare for next activity (10:35-11:05) additional study time (11:05-12:40), lunch (12:40-1:15) classroom instruction-this is also when we teach for 15min our progressing investigator Gary (gary is a investigator my teacher acts out that he met on his mission, so he's real! sorta) (1:25-4:25) zone teaching (4:25-5:10) dinner (5:10-6) study time (6-7) devotional-gordon b hinckely's son richard spoke to us, and I got to sing in the choir (7-8), district devotioal review (8-9) planning session (9-9:30) personal time/companionship prayer (9:30-10:30) .....doesn't that sound just AWESOME! i love it, and I'm going to be really sad to leave my teachers and district, I've grown to love them all so much over the past 9 days.
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! have a really fabulous day:D:D
Love, Sister Smith

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