Sunday, July 14, 2013

First email

Tribute to Billy Joel's song (and Dad who introduced me to him)-It really is "all about love" <--i think that's one of his songs. Loving the investigator seems to be the whole idea here and I love it! It's not about teaching the lessons it's about knowing the needs/interests/struggles of the investigator and then teaching them about what they need.
Anywho-guess what, IMMA MISSIONARY!!! It still feels super surreal, I guess I've only been here less than 2 days, but the missionary aspect is seeping in slowly. Everything else is coming at us full blast! I've learned a whole lot and feel like I can't remember it at all-like everyone says here it's kinda like trying to drink from a firehydrant-I'm am very hydrated and slightly soaked in spiritual greatness. \
The first day was mostly getting familiar with everything. I met my companion Sister Warden. Shes from Tremonten, UT and went to Bear River High School and then BYU-I. She's great, we get along super well-and the best part is that she wants to work hard and improve just as much as I do-we're always looking for ways to improve and do better. Which is in EVERYWAY so far, I feel so inadequate trying to plan lessons and other missionary things-but I definitely can feel the power behind being set apart as a missionary.
Lindsay first email--her P-day was Friday
The food's great, the weather's better (I'm very grateful for the rain as opposed to 112 degree weather).
I've met a ton of people who're going to South Carolina with me, all six girls in my district  and another 4 girls/4elders in my zone are going there. There's an Elder Roetker from Lehi who's in my zone (he knows kjeisten, ran track with him).
Speaking of people I know-I've seen a few of some familiar faces around.
-Elder Holland (not the apostle, just the friendly guy with the cows on the corner:)
-Elder Tolman (Jared will know him from school)
-annnd a few peeps from SUU
Oh and speaking of...not this..We got mail and our agendas today and we head out for SC the 22nd at 3:30 in the AM!! Also, whilst I'm in the MTC I only get to check the email on Friday but letters from are delivered multiple times a day *hint* hint*. just yoking!!!
The other 6 elders in my district are headed out to Uganda in a couple weeks (so our preparation is a little different, we're all wondering baout how to teach people with stron bible backgrounds and they're asking questions like "how do you teach someone who can't read the BOM)
I didn't bring my cord with me today so I can't send you any pictures, buuuut I totally will next week-I have some real good ones, one may or may not involve a tree that smells of cream soda.
Also I'm sending y'all a letter (check out my good use of y'all) it should be arriving shortly. Ummmmm, like I said I've only been here a couple days, not too much to write-heck I didnt even have to do any laundy on my first P-day, it's also real weird having so much free time, I need some direction, but P-day only lasts until 1:25PM then it's back to bidness (aka business but more hardcore).
Lemme know if you have any questions Jared....or anyone else!
Love y'all tonz and tonz!!!
Love, Lindsay:D:D.....scratch that
Love, Sister Smith:D:D
PS: sorry if you were expecting something else...a ton has happened just not sure what to say..ummmm here's a list
-played sand volleyball for Gym time, wish i could've played soccer but no one else was playing, and it's not much of a joy to play 1 v 1
-drank some milk this morning, and cleaned the toilets at like 6AM
-was welcomed in every language possible the first day. they give you this fancy newbie sticker that causes everyone to say hi to you-you feel so special:)

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