Monday, May 5, 2014

Them berries were heavenly!

As we were walking in the library, a little sign informed us that it'd be closed this Friday in honor of "confederate memorial day"-who knew? I love this state!

Funny story that just happened. So I’m typing this right now (On my Alpha smart) and it’s actually Saturday may 3rd. I’m just merrily typing along trying to catch up in my journal and I’d made it to the end of Thursday. My fingers just flying along hit the clear file button. I was flying along typing so fast that before I had time to realize what I was doing I hit the “Y” key, telling this little typing device that “yes I want to clear the contents of this file”. ZAPPO-there goes all of my journaling for the past week…oh well. Back to the beginning.

It’s kind of funny because Monday when I was downloading some pictures to email to my friends and family a virus on the computer wiped out all of my pictures. Luckily my mother is great and has been downloading my pictures as I’ve gone along, but I hadn’t sent that SD card home in about a month, and I lost all of my pics over the past month. Oh well. Maybe I’ll just use this experience as a great analogy to the atonement. I’ll just apologize now to, my family, my posterity and my future self that I’m sorry you won’t get to hear very much about this week, just know that the church is true and this week was full of more blessings than I’ll ever deserve.

The priests in the ward decided to feed all of the missionaries for their young men’s activity. Naive me imagined that the goal of the activity was to nurture their cooking skills and serve the missionaries at the same time…not quite. This meal was the essence of men, manifest into something edible. Here’s what it consisted of: fried chicken from Zaxby’s, Little Ceaser’s pizza, chips and salsa, broccoli (one of the young men actually applied some cooking skills), cheesy potato chips and one of the leaders made lemon bars. It was great, I’m super grateful, and it was rather entertaining as well. Oh yeah, but Mike and Daniel showed up early to Book of Mormon class and we were still chowing down with everyone in the primary room. At first it was a wee bit awkward, but as soon as we got Mike involved with talking about basketball with them it loosened right up and it was a great time for Mike to feel comfortable with them all and get fellowshipped! Daniel ended up playing basketball with the young men instead of BOM class, but we had a great study with Mike (read 1 nephi 17 it ended up applying perfectly because nephi’s talking about the impossible task of building a boat, but had faith that if God commanded it, it could be done, such is the case with Mike and smoking) and got him a priesthood blessing afterward to help him with his smoking. Member of the night I was impressed with was Bro Dial, he popped in after helping with scouts to say hi to Mike. He ended up taking an hour out of his day to stay and study with us, he could’ve gone home and relaxed-but nope, he’s a consecrated servant of the Lord who shows his love through his actions. There’s no way in the world Bro Byron Dial would just express his love to you-unless he threw in some sarcasm, but he does so much for the ward and the Lord. Yeah poetry!

in other news

-we had a zone training meeting and Sis Hendrix and I gave a training on optimism! it was a good time, lot's of great analogies!

-mike's still progressing towards baptism and even though he has a limited reading level he told us he's started to try and sound out the different verses to himself

-miracle with Ebony, when we stopped by she wasn't home, we were prompted to make some phone calls so we lingered in her driveway for a few minutes, right as we were about to leave when we finished up Ebony pulled up and told us how sorry she was for not calling yet, and asked for the address of the church again.

-for p-day today Sis Hendrix and I went to the hardy berry farm and picked ourselves some strawberries! never tasted anything sweeter or juicier, I think there was a strawberry plant-of-life next to the tree-of-life in Lehi's dream, them berries were heavenly!

can't wait for mothers day, can't wait for all the miracles that await us as we serve the lord errrry-day!


Sister Smith:D

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