Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy new year and a new area

The call came through Saturday night at about 10:15pm announcing my being pulled out of Hartsville, dah-cut to the heart. This is where I was born and raised! and totally pun intended, part of my heart will always be in Hartsville, but the beauty of faith, hope and charity issss, that I know that the Lord know's what's best for me and that wherever I go will bless my life forever and I will forever love my God for the direction he gives my life. Won't find out where I'm headed til Wednesday morning, soooo that part of my story is to be continued....
in the mean time here's a flashback from the was a good one:)

One of the more fun lessons I’ve ever had-it was with the Gilbert family. The parents are less actives trying to come back and the 3 kids all are thinking about baptism. So we did a lesson about the parts of the gospel and likened them to cookie ingredients. We then showed how we need all the ingredients to make the cookie, you can’t leave anything out. Dominic (the dad) said the sweetest thing when we were asking about when he’d be able to get his priesthood back. He said it’d be great to be able to baptize his kids, but if they’re ready before he is he doesn’t want them to wait. That’s what real love and real faith is, sacrificing your wants and desires for other’s salvation and ultimate happiness.

Moving on, we met with a lady after that, Claudine. We only had a brief minute with her, but as we shared a little bit about Heavenly Father’s love, and the peace the gospel brings her eyes were glued to ours the entire time. Her eyes even began welling up, DAH-I just wish she didn’t live so far away. At least she told us she’d try to make it to church, so who knows.

Went over to Shawn’s apt for our return apt, not really knowing what to think, we talked with him for like 7 sec and set up a return appointment. We knocked a couple times, no answer-then just on time a nice lady opened up. Told us Shawn wasn’t home, he’d gone to work, with a little boldness she let us in and told us she didn’t really have anything else to do (I can’t believe I’ve gotten so persistent since my mission-I used to be more of a people pleaser, now I’m working to be a God pleaser) so inside we went! I absolutely LOVE IT when we get inside people’s homes. It opens so many doors (literally!). We sat down and started into the message of the restoration and were able to share about how loved she is, and how she can feel hope in the gospel. She prayed with us to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and although we weren’t able to set a baptism date because she wasn’t quite sure, she just couldn’t stop crying at the end. She said it was crazy that we ran into each other at all. She’s Shawn’s girlfriend, doesn’t even live there, rarely has a moment to herself to get away (she has 3 little kids) and by some miracle her sister said she’s watch the kids tonight. It was so great, during the lesson we were able to get out of the way of the spirit by teaching simply. We showed her the classic cheesy picture of the family in the restoration  pamphlet (complete with 80’s sweaters and all) and as she pondered on the picture.  She opened right up to us about her concerns about her current family and her desires for her future and we didn’t even have to ask. Heavenly Father knows her perfectly, the spirit’s willing to teach her what she needs, we just need to get out of the way.

Happy new year y'all, hope you make some kickin' goals that include spreading the gospel message:)

love y'all-signing off from Hartsville for the last time
Sister Smith

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