Monday, January 27, 2014

What a week in Anderson, SC

What a week! missionary work is the best annnnd I'm running out of time on the computer, hope y'all have a good one!! here's my week....
Finally got to meet Dave, I’d only heard stories and had seen him in his doorway. He’d never let us in because he kept saying he was sick. Sis Godfrey felt like he was avoiding us and I also was getting a vibe that he wasn’t very interested anymore.   Miracles, he let us right in on Sunday. He told us how he’d watched the Joseph Smith movie like 4 times, believed he was a prophet and desired to be baptized more than ever before!
      During our lesson with Jimmy I had a first time experience. So Jimmy and his wife Tish live with their less active mother who can’t come because she’s old. She’s so sweet, but also loves to chat and her stories tend to last a long time. Normally the missionary has to be the bad guy and tactfully find a way to interrupt and redirect the conversation back to the gospel. Well when Sis Jones was going off on one, Jimmy actually cut her off and told her we needed to get back to this (referring to the part in the BOM we were reading). It was so great!-it really shows that he has a sincere desire to learn more and find out the truth for himself. It may seem like a trivial gesture, but it’s kinda a big deal.

Went along knocking and searching for a lead named Robin Kelly. As we were freezing our badges off in the sharp 20 degree windy weather( South Carolina goes from 70 one day to 20 the next), we came across this kind old man walking his dog. He told us how his wife had died about a month ago and asked if we’d like some of her coats. We weren’t so interested in the coats as we were about getting into his home and having an opportunity to teach a lesson. Turns out after we went inside and he was handing us hanger after hanger of fancy leather, faux fur, and trench coats we found we were talking to Robin Kelly himself!-miracle right? He’s a retired biology professor, and from what he’s researched likes the teachings of the mormons. But he denied our invitation to church because he told us the only time he gets to spend time with his kids is when he goes to the Baptist church in Clemson with them. HE was a really genuine, sweet man. I believe we were able to help eachother out, we got some nice leather jackets. I got a SWEET mountain man brown jacket thing (it’s seriously my favorite souvineer from SC so far) and 3 nice sisters were able to uplift a widower going through a difficult time right now. Glad the Lord set it up so we’d be able to catch him out walking his dog, otherwise he wouldn’t have been home and we would’ve missed him.

love y'all!!

sister smith:D:D

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