Monday, February 3, 2014

Crazy South Carolinians when it SNOWS


   It snowed! It was soooo lovely to be able to get a wee glimpse of the beautiful blanket of white. There was baaarely enough for me to scrape together a snowball to nail sis godfrey with, it's funny the way people react out here to the snow was BARELY starting to stick to the roads and everyone was of course panicking. The Addison’s called us and said they were cancelling correlation and that we should probably go immediately home ourselves. Later when we were talking with the elders, they said they saw a guy who had already swerved off the road and the snow wasn’t even sticking to the road yet. Silly south Carolinians. Oh yeah, and because of the half inch of snow school got out 2hrs early, it was cancelled the next day, and the day after that it started 2hrs late, gotta love this crazy south Carolinians.

   We had at least one miracle come about from the snow. We stopped by sister Mckee’s to wish her a happy birthday and drop off some oreo truffles I had made, she’s a less active wasn’t feeling to hot, but we got to spend the next hour eating bagels and talking with her daughter Kimberley. Kimberley’s our age, goes to Anderson University and would’ve never have been home except for the fact that classes were cancelled due to the snow-yeah snow! She’s super sweet, tons of fun, loves Zelda and was really interested in coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. She’s hopped around to all sorts of churches and hadn’t attended an LDS one since she was super little back when her mom was going. She also told us about a friend she’d like to bring who’s been going through a rough time, umm “yes she’s invited!”. Her only hold up was that she wouldn’t have anyone to sit with, easy ‘nuff we volunteered ourselves. Wow, sometimes I feel like heavenly father just puts people on a platter for us all garnished with parsley and what not.

   Both Bro. Tate and Dave came to church today, and now that Dave has passed the 2 church attendances marker we’re all set for both of their baptisms on the 15th! So stoked for both of them, haha, bro. tate is the first person I’ve taught who is set for baptism but is dreading it. The idea of baptism he loves and is all for it, however he absolutely abhors being in front of people. So the idea of standing in a font in front of everyone while they watch him is just completely revolting. When we talked with him about it tonightat our lesson I just marveled at how against it he is. Jokingly I asked if we even we were invited, and sis tate had to tell him that we were coming-he didn’t even want US there! When we were talking with sis tate later she said that for a time he didn’t even want HER there-his own wife! He’ll get there and go through with it though, and in a years time he probably won’t even have a problem standing up and giving a talk in sacrament. Right now I think his biggest issue is getting confirmed in sacrament meeting and having to sit in front of everyone in church. It’s so funny, because in the privacy of his own home he’s super open and doesn’t seem to have any trouble talking with us. they're great though, can't wait for the day when they can all go through the temple together. His wife is still in awe that this is actually happening-so excited for this fam!!

hope y'all have the chance to be nourished by the good word of God this week, and that perhaps you do a little nourishing of yourselves. The world could use a heaping helping of vitamin gospel.


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