Monday, April 14, 2014

A Great Week!!!

dah, not much time today. So not that my emails are ever very grammatically correct, but today's might be a bit worse than's bits from my week!

Later that night was my favorite part of…my life, k not quite that dramatic but I’m real excited. We had a lesson with Alisha. We walk up and they welcomed us right in. We gathered around the table; me, sis Hendrix, Alisha and Paige also joined us. We taught all about the importance of the Book of Mormon in her gaining her answer and knowing for herself it’s true. She totally understood near the end when we asked her if she believed the Book of Mormon to be true she said she did. We brought up baptism, and how it’s the next step after knowing and how this is only the beginning for their journey. That they’ve come so far, and Heavenly Father desires to raise them even higher. We questioned Paige about how she was feeling, even though she hasn't had a chance to read yet. She said she felt like she could trust us, and that she’d be very disappointed if she was to come to find out what we were saying wasn’t true. Together we pulled up Elder Holland’s “Testimony of the Book of Mormon” Mormon message-and it was so powerful. Alisha commented that it must be true, why else would they have gone through all of that? We were lead to scriptures, questions and experiences and were really able to get them to open up and understand.

Here’s a new one you don’t hear every day in the south. Sis Hendrix is backing me up out of where we were parked in an apartment complex. A truck pulls up, I assumed they were going to give her grief but here’s how the conversation went…

Lady in truck: “are y’all Jehovah witnesses”

S.hendrix: “no we’re missionaries from the church of…etc”

lady: “oh, well do y’all have bibles you’re passin out”

Hendrix: “no, but we have a Book of Mormon!”

Lady: “oh, I already got one of those”

Annnnd then she drove off.

My birthday was the greatest-I love being a missionary! April 11: Yup today is the day, 21 yrs ago that I left my Heavenly Father’s presence because I wanted to be something more. I wanted to become like my Dad and do everything he said-because he’s always known best, and He’s only ever had my best interests at heart. 21yrs ago he sent me to my family-I said farewell to my 2 little brothers and hello to my parents and big sisters. He gave me a family, because he loves me. That Easter day in 1993 my father blessed me with being born in the covenant where I would have the opportunity to be raised in the gospel, and while I never saw it, He knew I was being prepared to share that gospel with the people of SC one day. I used to think it was cool to say I was born on Easter because it was a holiday, but as I’ve come to learn more about my Savior, I love that the day I came to this earth, is the worldwide day recognized to celebrate the day Christ rose, and brought life to all men. I know that Christ lives. I know his gospel has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith, and I know that true happiness now and forever will come through the power of Christ's atonement:) oh yeah, in celebration we got ice cream, I made a cake annnd we decided to have a southern experience and went to Roy's diner. Enjoyed some good 'ol greasy home cooked meals and got to contact and chat with Roy himself about the gospel!

love y'all!! happy easter!!

Sister Smith

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