Monday, April 28, 2014

What a week but Sunday was the best---So many investigators came to feel the spirit at Church and wonderful ward fellowshipping

Oh goodness I can't even begin to express how excited and overjoyed I am with everything that's been happening here in the the Anderson row of the Lord's vineyard! Maybe I'll switch it up and go backwards through the week. haha, I know you're all thinking that my "Sis smith's emails are hard enough to follow normally, now she's going backward?!" well, enjoy!

Sunday: Hello best Sunday ever! Minus the fact that I left my tag home and had to run and grab it-I went all through ward council w/o my tag, luckily I had my hair down to cover my sin-but I felt so naked without my tag, it was a horrible feeling. I’m really glad I won’t have to deal with that feeling for another 9 months.

Church was fabulous today, first came Ladaisha and Sis Allen. Next Alisha came down the hall with Sis Campbell. Later Mike and Daniel came in with Adam. It was beautiful the way the members perfectly stepped in and were loving and friendly and just took over the reins. I know this is how the Lord intends for members and missionaries to labor together to care for his little lost sheep. At first I was overwhelmed with it all until I realized we didn’t have much to worry about. Right after sacrament Emily Stafford came up and took Ladaisha with her to YW’s, we were able to send Daniel with Bro Moss and the Young Men, Mike stuck with Adam and Alisha stayed with Sis Campbell. I kept catching all of them leaning over to ask questions-and I was so happy they weren’t asking us. I will only be in Anderson for a couple more months, although I love these people so much, I love them enough to know what’s best for them are these member relationships. A great surprise of church occurred right when we exited the chapel. I spotted a balding man in a blue powder suit, I turned and grabbed sis Hendrix “It’s the Allens!—I mean, It’s Allen and Sharon Robbins!!!!” Hugs were exchanged, Sharon told me she was going to lick me when we got home because we weren’t waiting in the parking lot like we said we would, but Alan explained they showed up late. Just like we experienced  this morning the members stepped in, the Carpenters saw them and after sacrament showed them to primary to drop off Nevaeh, Kiara and Hayden. We had 6 investigators at church!! They all loved it too! The feedback we received from the members was that Alisha has some questions about the Word of Wisdom and temple sealings, Sharon is planning on coming back next Sunday, Mike sounded out the first 7 verses of 1 Nephi, Daniel said he read through to Jacob and some other little birds told us Ladaisha was participating in young womens answering a bunch of questions!

Sat: When we stopped  in briefly on the Robbin's Sharon was no longer sick and was overjoyed that she could hug us again. When we asked about their reading or if they’d be able to come to church, Allen was very serious when he responded that he knows he really needs to sit down and read and that more than anything he wants to get back in church. Then he called Sharon over, and had one of those husband to wife moments. It was intense, he said that he felt like they really needed to go church. I could tell this time was different than before, he told her basically that this was something they had to do. It was pretty cool.

Friday: While at Alisha’s Mike had called and left a message, he was wondering if we were going to stop by tonight and let us know he’d be home. We got so excited when we heard that, we’re just overjoyed at how enthusiastic he is about it all. We drove down and were able to drop off the BOM on CD. Well at least the beginning through 1 nephi 10, I’ve yet to download the rest of it. He was busy grilling and we got to see Daniel his little brother as well. Daniel is actually the one who started it, by divine intervention we knocked on their door late one night, pretty sure it was the last door of the night, he said we could come back another time-and we did!

Anyways, we got to talk with both of them and Daniel is all for meeting with us and coming to church. Mike said that quitting’s been coming along and a comment that warmed my soul was when he let us know that we’d have to show him how to tie a tie! That means that while he denied help from Brother Addison because he’s not one to accept too much charity, he went and used his own money to buy a shirt and tie to use!

and that was only the weekend! In other news, we assisted some baby ducks find their mother, were lovingly bible bashed, were given a mustache necklace from a small child in the ward, gorged ourselves at a pizza buffet with the Bro and Sis Bonds and immersed ourselves in the glorious restored gospel of our savior:)

life is good:)

love y'all!!

sis lindsay smith

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