Monday, September 22, 2014

Honorary high priest group this isn't blasphemy

I realized the other day that I haven’t been to Relief Society since I’ve come to the Summerville ward, and it’s very likely that I’ll continue as an active member of the high priests group. I've always been so curious about what they do in there. Haha, and it's all because we’re needed to interpret for Kitt. The ward is working really hard to find a long term solution though, they realize having missionaries relearn sign language every time transfers occur isn’t the greatest option.

This Sunday marked the first time I translated for all of Sunday school and priesthood. Luckily Sadie was able to be there for Sacrament meeting, but after that I took over. Heavenly Father blessed me a lot, and I wasn’t too stressed out. Kitt could sense it though, deaf people have a knack for sensing emotion and he told me to stop being so nervous, he joked and said when I’m nervous my sign isn’t as good. I love sign so much! Granted I’ve only ever learned to count in any other language, I still am biased that sign language is one of the better ones because of how expressive it is. I love how visual it can be. For example I didn’t know the sign for boy scouts, not sure if there is one, but to help Kitt I acted out what a scout was. I created a little mental image of a scout with a sash, merit badges, neckerchief and doing the scout solute. I know I’m nowhere near where Sis Willis was, and it’s hard not having her to turn to to ask questions. I believe that not only is Heavenly Father helping me with the gift of tongues (hands), but he’s definitely helping Kitt with the interpretation of tongues so that he can understand me and my broken sign language.

Sis Willis’ last day was a good one, and I’m so glad. It was packed full of appointments, and she even got to invite 2 more people to be baptized. Becky was reluctant at first because she said she wasn’t sure where she was going to be in the next few weeks, she might be moving, or staying, she doesn’t know. I can’t remember what I said, but the spirit guided me as I explained how simply preparing for baptism is what Christ wants, and that when the time comes everything else will fall into place. The spirit is was more clear and eloquent, but y’all get the idea.

other quick news of what's been hip-happening:)

-I killed my first companion...yup, the amazing Sis Willis is now home in Missouri
-because of what I just mentioned, I got to hone in my tetris skills as we used ever last pound and air pocket of Sis Willis' luggage. Haha, her carry on weighed about as much as she did. Instead of having her practice lifting it over her head, we had her practice her most pitiful "help me" face.

-my new companion is Sis Burbank from Logan, Utah. she's a powerhouse of a missionary, played soccer in high school! came out the transfer after me, and is awesome...I'm so stoked for the future we have together:) (haha, that sentence sounds so precious:)

love y'all,
"go forth with faith to tell the world the gospel is restored!"
still loving,

Sister Smith

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