Monday, September 8, 2014

How the work is Hastening very fast in South Carolina

Well 'til next week's adventures come to pass, here are a few shnippets from from this week! love y'all!!

Lesson with the Lincoln family-Over the past week they’d been studying on the priesthood. I think Bro Lincoln (he’s the only member in the family) may be overloading it a little bit. He said they studied a little bit into the differences between the Melchizedek priesthood and the Leviticus priesthood. We took it back a few notches and tried to help them understand what the priesthood is, using the classic ice cream truck analogy. We asked them how they were feeling about it all, Sis Lincoln said she’d been praying and some days she’s all for it, but then other days she feels like she needs to put the brakes on. They said they’d continue to pray about it. Miracles happen, for the 3rd week in a row Bro Lincoln said he didn’t have work so they’d be able to come to church. We think that secretly he’s asking for work off, and then telling us it’s all just a big coincidence.

Today marked the first time I got to attend MLC, which stands for Mission Leadership Council. It consists of the 12 zone leaders, the 12 sister training leaders, the AP’s and president and sister Turner. We got up around 5:30 to make it to Irmo by 9am. The meeting didn’t start until 10 but we needed time to practice our musical number with Sis Glauser and Lester who we recruited to sing with us...that's right Sis Smith actually consented to being a part of a musical joke.

MLC was great President Turner came out with our new mission vision
1.720 baptisms this year, starting in August

2. Every missionary plays a part in every baptism

3. Unity felt among the entire mission!
Also at MLC I got to talk with Sis Lexi Glauser a bunch. Turns out she went to SUU. We were in the same student government organization. She was also in my YSA ward (I didn't know her because she went home every weekend), and she had also been in my house down in cedar city multiple times to study with roommates. small world eh?!?

I don’t believe Heavenly Father made Sis Stanley get sick, so that she and Sis Stout couldn’t go on exchanges with the Goosecreek sisters, but I think it was divine guidance that we now get to go with them. We weren't planning to before, but viola, Heavenly Father had a different idea. Sis Manning joined me in Summerville and we had a great day. She went out biking and was such a champ. She was so excited and optimistic. Our first appt with Becky was awesome. Becky’s pretty familiar with the church, and likes what she’s learned so far. Becky then gave this amazing analogy about how Christ’s church is like a lump of dough. When he died different people took that lump of dough and added/took away things to turn it into pizza crust, pie dough, dinner rolls etc. But none of them were the original dough, and no matter how many times you change the rolls or pizza crust you can’t turn it back into that original lump of dough. The lump of dough has to be rebuilt ingredient by ingredient. We were like, exactly, that’s what Joseph Smith did when he restored the church! And she was like, “yeah, Joseph didn’t do anything that God didn’t tell him to do”. I was dumbfounded at her faith, but the spirit prompted me to ask, “Becky, do you believe that?”. She paused and said she wasn’t sure yet. We invited her to pray about it and Sis Manning committed her to being baptized as she received her answer.

gotta run, love y'all!!!
stay busy with the work of the Lord!

Sister Smith

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