Monday, July 21, 2014

I be happy

Little did y'all know that a few mere minutes after I sent the last email would my life be in danger! We got in a car accident leaving the library last Monday....
suspenseful pause

...okay it wasnt' so much of a car accident as it was a car misunderstanding resulting in the loss of my mirror. We had just backed out of our parking stall, and I was chuckling to myself about the precious old lady in the car next to us that was blasting Footloose music. I had stopped so sis hendrix could get in, and to my left I see that same lady slowly backing toward us. When I say it all happened in slow motion I'm not exaggerating. I started honking the horn, hoping to stop her. no response, I kept honking but could tell that she wasn't going to stop anytime soon. I literally just sat there while she crunched right through the driver's side mirror and bumped into the door before she finally stopped and pulled forward. We figured it all out with the cops, no tickets were given. This poor 87 yr old woman was consoled and sadly none of the parties involved were interested in hearing more about the restored gospel (except for Hendrix and I of course).

here's bits from the rest of the week:)
We had a great DDM this morning. It started off with Elder’s hawkes and goesch giving us each a jelly bean, I ate it apprehensively and then they asked…
“do you feel it?”

Then I felt it. Haha, they had given us, habanero jelly beans, so that we could become “fire in the belly” missionaries. Good one elders. I was also impressed by the follow-up cupcakes they also provided.

We FINALLY got to meet with Alisha this morning, she’s been working a ton because of inventory at her store this week.meh. I remember back when she first got the job how excited she was and that they had told her she’d probably only be working about 10hrs a week-I think Satan had a different idea. She works at least 30-40 a week it seems. We make it work though by stopping by her store and visiting with her there. The lesson we had this morning was really good though. We retaught the Word of Wisdom and helped her see how this could bring her closer to Christ. We shared how our bodies are an instrument for our spirits and she totally agreed. I asked her why Heavenly Father would require certain things of us (living the word of wisdom) to have the spirit? And she responded that she believes God wants us to be the ones in charge not the temporal things. By the end of the lesson we committed her to quit smoking and she readily accepted, and was quite excited about the cinnamon kit we gave her.

I love to ride my bicycle! On exchanges, Sis Prior asked me this morning if I was down with riding bikes today…ummm…YES! I was so excited, my entire mission I’ve been wanting to ride bikes and I finally got my opportunity. I only rode for about 40min total, which is nothing compared to what most missionaries experience with bikes, but it was a good time. While biking I looked down at my shadow and realized I looked like the mean lady in the beginning of the Wizard of Oz who rides a bike in her dress. Then I remembered there were some very significant differences. We’re real nice, we have the teachings that open the door to salvation and we wear helmets! Overall it was a good time, there were no malfunctions or issues with wearing a skirt and it was a pretty cool day for the middle of July in SC.

We were headed toward Belton, when I remembered that we were going to swing by the recycling place first to drop off our paper, plastic and cardboard. That’s right, not only are sis Hendrix and I out here working to save souls, but we’re also saving the planet; one water bottle at a time. Anywho the recycle place was a little out of our way, but we felt it needful to get rid of all the junk in our trunk so we recalculated our route. Miracle garbage moment of the day! We pulled in and right in front of us was our golden investigator KENYA! Our favorite 400+ lb football coach, with a big black booming southern voice hollered at us. We went over and got to talk with him for a bit, he’s still really busy which is why he hadn’t gotten back with us, but still wanted to. Moral of the story? Recycle to save souls.

There was just way too many great things to cut and paste from my journal this week, but I'll leave it as is.

Hope y'all have a miraculous week ahead of you!

much much much love,

Sister Lindsay Smith

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