Monday, July 7, 2014

Is your picture on God's milk carton?

While none of the other churches in Anderson have the fullness of the gospel, they get lots of brownie points for clever church marquee signs, such as the the subject line of this email.

We finally had another apt scheduled with Alisha. We made sure she hadn’t forgotten by stopping by her work that morning. We arrived at her home at 4, her daughter told us she’d be back in a second from getting a new tire. A few moments later Bro and sis Campbell showed up…and ONE HOUR LATER alisha finally made it home.ugh. By then we only had about 15minutes until our dinner appointment. But we made the most of that time and talked about recognizing answers, and the importance of taking a step of faith. Teaching with the Campbell’s is just the greatest, and Alisha said that what they shared definitely gave her a lot to think about. Alisha shared that one thing that worried her was making the wrong choice, because she recognized how important this decision was, and how big of an impact it could have on generations! I love that she’s looking at this with an eternal perspective.

After dinner Sis Basarab came with us to Jerry’s. It’s funny how you think you know a person until you go back and try to teach them a second lesson. Jerry seemed really intelligent and willing to commit last time.  Today he just seemed really confused. He told us he’d done a lot of research about the church. Sadly, that’s not always the most comforting thing to hear from an investigator. The rest of the hour it seemed like all we spoke about was polygamy. He told us at least 12 times how he loves us, and its fine if we practice polygamy but he’s not sure if that’s for him yet. We then explained to him at least 13 times that we don’t practice polygamy anymore. He was convinced that we don’t believe in it, but the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does. He told us he’d even gone to the trouble to call a TV station and talk to a reporter who had done a piece on Mormons. That poor man was so confused, and nothing we said was helping at that point. We invited him to leave us with a prayer asking Heavenly Father if he should come to church on Sunday, it was quite possible one of the longest prayers I’ve never heard from an investigator. In the prayer he just started telling stories of Jesus, explaining to Christ, “I remember when you went among the people and…” He was a precious guy though….we later found out that a big movie had premiered on LIFETIME television about Warren Jeffs. That piece of knowledge cleared up a whole lot about why investigators had been dropping like flies this week, it’s a pity though.

Switched up our workout this morning by going with the women of the ward. Sis Helm came by and picked us up at 5:45am and we met a bunch of other moms at the church. We went running for 40min, and it was so fun to be a part of one of those “mom groups” who just chat it up as they jog along talking about their little tykes. I know I’m deathly out of shape, but was grateful I could at least stay at the front of the group.

So Sis Hendrix and I have been on a watermelon binge. They’re so good, and you can get them for only $4 at Walmart. Watermelon smoothies are a new favorite, as well as the newly discovered watermelon and frozen banana smoothies. I ate half a watermelon for lunch the other day. Anyways, all of that watermelon meant we had some rinds left over. At the end of the first week we didn’t have much trash by Monday so we didn’t bother wasting a bad and taking the trash out. By the next week it was getting a little full. I go to grab the bag to take out the trash, and when a pull it out along came the worst smell my nostrils have ever beheld. There was also a ton of liquid at the bottom of the bag that was leaking out and leaked all over my shorts. It was unreal how rancid it was. It was like dying animal, mixed with rotten diaper and just a touch of leprous flesh. After much febreeze, disinfectant and still reeked. We had to bag up the towels we used, along with my shorts because it smelt so horrible. The smell was engrained in our hands, no matter how many times we tried to wash them. Even after coming back that night, you could still smell it a little bit. It was bad. But we learned our lesson to immediately bag and dispose of old watermelon.


-we got to meet our new mission president,President Turner. He's super great. The only funny thing was that before he walked in we all stood up, and then glanced...down. President Turner is about as small as President Holm was 5'4" OR 5'5".

- had an awesome 4th of july BBQ with the members. we experienced for the first time a low country boil. aka you get a huge pot, insert potatoes, sausage, corn on the cob, shrimp, onions and other goodness along with some seasoning andyou boil it! thenyou drain it and throw it out in a big pan and everyone digs in. it's amazing! oh, and then we had to go in early for lockdown at 7:30, we heard lots of fireworks but didn't see a single one.

love y'all!

sis smith:)

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