Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"would y'all keep me in your prayers tonight?"

"would y'all keep me in your prayers tonight?"
We have a friendly borderline creepy neighbor, who will watch out his window and pop his head out his door whenever we come in for the night, or leave. This morning as we were stretching in the parking lot after our run there was his silhouette in the window. He's harmless though, and occasionally gives us cucumbers.
well, here's the week!

The work continues to hasten! At ZTM yesterday the Zone Leaders informed us of some new changes to missionary work. Lucky for us though, nothing new happens w/o the Addison’s first finding out about it. They let us know it all last week, here’s what’s changed..

-we now have to teach lesson 5 BEFORE baptism, instead of just after

-missionaries are in charge of doing the new member lessons instead of the ward council

-missionaries should stay in CLOSE contact with new members for 3 months after baptism, and then remain in contact for 1yr and hopefully forever.

-annnnd, IPADS ARE COMING! Sorta…the church announced that for all missionaries coming to the USA, Canada, Japan and western Europe they will be encouraged to purchase a preconfigured mini ipad from the church, costing $400. If they can’t afford that, the church can assist. The mini ipads will replace planners, PMG, scriptures, area maps and will be able to be used for teaching with videos and such. However they didn’t announce anything about missionaries who are already here. I really want to know if we’re going to be required to get one, will they even make it here before I leave? It’s so cool to be a part of so many new changes in missionary work. The age change and now ipads-it’s so awesome!

Today we also got to have an awesome lesson with less active, Sis McCoy and her sister Sheila at the library. Guess what room we held our lesson in? The genealogy room-who knew that the public library has this huge section in the back centered on doing genealogy work. Granted it was the most deserted place, which is why we picked it-sis McCoy said she just doesn’t know how to behave in libraries. Nevertheless, the lesson was great and I got to witness further evidence of the promise that the hearts of the children will be turned to their fathers.

We were a little nervous about going over to Melanie’s. We asked her about an apt and she’d told us that she’d call us, after a few appts cancelled and missing church we didn’t want to be too overbearing by just showing up. We prayed about it and both felt strongly about visiting tina first. Tina wasn’t home but we had a quick lesson with her mom Earline. During the prayer, which was a really sweet prayer, Earline was tearfully asking for guidance to know if she should be baptized again. Satan came in the form of a cockroach to distract me. I felt a little tickle on my calf and rubbed my other leg against it to itch it, at that point I felt a distinctive crunch. After the “amen”, I looked down and right below me was a calf-squashed cockroach. On the Brightside, I’m just glad I caught him before her ventured any farther-miracle moment! Oh yeah, but the real miracle moment was that after Tina’s we both felt better about venturing out to Melanie’s. It juuuuust so happens that she’d just pulled in before we arrived. She was thrilled to see us, and told us how relieved she and Tim were when they found out they were still welcome to come to church, even if they weren’t ready to give up tea or coffee yet. She said they still want that eternal marriage, it’s just with everything going on they don’t want to add quitting tea and coffee to it. That’s a concern we’ll continue to work with, but for now I’m just overjoyed we haven’t lost Melanie and Tim:)

Love y'all!

Sis smith

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