Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aug. 19 Missions can be so awkward

Missions can be super awkward...but I have come to love the awkward moments. Like when you're at a door and person is just staring at you because they're too nice to say "I'm not interested" BUT-awkward stares or not we will not be deterred! I just know that they don't know that they're interested yet. So S.Makin and I keep teaching and asking questions until they're forced to either reject our message or allow us to come back again sometime-and that's all we can do, plead in our hearts (and sometimes outloud) for them to read the BOM and find out for themselves because the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change EVERYONE'S life for the better, and if you haven't figured that out yet-Imma gonna invite y'all to do just that:D

Missions are full of new experiences but one thing I never imagined doing on my mission was having a lesson in the back of a minivan. We went to visit Debbie, with Sis Solomon (member of the ward) and it was raining, ridiculous right? Therefore we couldn’t meet on her front porch, and since 50% of Hartsville citizens own pitbulls, including Debbie, we opted to pray, study and teach in Sis Solomon’s minivan. I have a testimony of minivans, Debbie told us she felt the chills-aka SPIRIT! And we told her to come to church and she told us the typical response of…I’ll try, but I won’t make y’all any promises.

Discovered a few new things today (august 13th). #1 Our neighbors have apparently seen a bunch of copperhead snakes around which they informed us were aggressive poisonous snakes that just…lie around, swell. #2 Tammy decided that it’s worth it to buy new church clothes, despite the fact that she’s gained weight and she’s coming to the missionary fireside tomorrow! #3 we found Eddie! (the ASL guy) and it turns out he just forgot about church on Sunday and we’re planning to meet him at the library onSaturday and hopefully show him some of the ASL stuff the church’s website has. #4 instead of putting BOGO for “buy one get one” they put B1G1, I’d been reading this sign outside of the Bi-Lo store and I finally read it outloud at bigi, Sis Makin laughed and then explained. #5 Suckers don’t really stay hard here, I guess it’s the humidity, but we have a whole bunch of blowpops from a food drive the ward did for the missionaries and they’re kinda chewy…it’s weird.

They came, they came, they came!!! Just like she promised Tammy was there, she actually beat us there, which I feel really bad about, but we were running late because we were helping Maggie arise, shine and get her girls ready. We got there right after they had started and crammed in on a pew with Tammy joining us. It was squishy, and the speakers and teachers in the lessons kept using words and references that I was afraid they wouldn’t understand BUT Tammy said she loved it and was definitely coming back next week. After church we had Bro Krein (the ward mission leader) and the elders give Maggie a blessing and it was just what she needed. She was crying by the end and her little 3 yr old (Isabelle, or Izzy) asked why she was crying and Maggie said it was because she felt good. She said she’ll come next week as long as she isn’t working-YAY! :)

*sigh* missions are real nice, real real nice:)

hope y'all have the best day ever!

Love, Sister Lindsay Smith

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