Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey ya all- August 5th

Hey y'all (I don't ever think I'm going to give up that word!)
So funny! when we were knocking at the apartments we knocked on this one door and this teenage boy (maybe like 13yrs) opens up, and we can see right into their apartment. He asks his mom what he shoulc do she yells "I don't wanna hear nuthin from them", so he yells back "well what do I do?" she responds (ever so lovingly ;) "just shut the door!" "okay" he yells back right as the door shuts in front of us...did they not realize we could hear the whole thing? So we're at the next door about to knock and this old lady comes out of the same apt (part of me was like "YES! she wants to hear from us", we keep quiet and just waits as she peers down the stairway and yells at some guy asking about 2 girls. Meanwhile we're about 7yds away. We knock on the door (assuming she'd hear us and look o
ur way) but she just keeps looking down the stairway for us. Finally she gives up to go back inside-sees us and gets mad at us for selling stuff here, we told her we were selling anything, (we're giving it away for free!) and that we're proselyting. Buuut she grouchily sends us on our way. Sister Makin gets up the nerve to leave a pass along card wedged in her door as we leave. A few minutes later we're going back up to the same apartment building to write down a room number of a possible appt. and we see her walking up and down the opposite stairs looking for us! We quietly skulked down a few steps out of view until she left and then had ourselves a good laugh about it all. We decided that she's just going to have an awesome missionary story to tell one day when she's ready to accept the gospel. 
Sister Makin and I were super excited for today (august 2) because we were finally going to get to do some service. We had arranged to help a family move. We scheduled time to change and drive all the way out there only to realize that they had company over and we'd just have to come back some other time. I was a little bummed wondering why Heavenly Father had us take up all that time driving, changing into our service clothes in the Wendy's bathroom and trying to meet up with them. We decided to go and try to meet up with an investigator nearby. While walking we met up with Deangelo (who we hadn't talked to in a while) and set up and appt, we also had Carolynn drive up and talk to us saying we should come over sometime. Then when we were told that the investigator we were originally going to find wasn't home we got into an hour long discussion with Dearl and Steve who were hanging out on the balcony of the apartments. Dearl (pronounced Darryl) was super interested and we're going back to see himtomorrow! This really is the Lord's work, and I'm so grateful for how he directs our paths when we are living righteously.
Oh yeah-and earlier this week I got the chance to try my best at teaching this deaf guy we knocked into! It was so great-he seemed super interested and took a BOM and some pamphlets, later we visited him at his house and I bore testimony in ASL (sadly 1 yr in high school isn't as helpful as you'd think it'd be) and he told us he wanted to come to our church. Buuuut, Sunday rolled around and he never showed...bummer. But we will no give up! the work goes on and Eddie deserves to get the fulness in his life:D
Have a great day!!
Love, Sister Smith

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