Monday, August 12, 2013

So many miracles

There have been so many miracles this week! Sister Makin and I actually came to teh conclusion that more faith=more miracles. WHYYYYY? because there's not necessarily more miracles you just learn to recognize miracles in your life better. we tend to make little things into a bid deal/problem, therefore shouldn't we make little blessings into BIG miracles?? chew on that one:D
Maggie committed to baptism! I'm so excited for her! It was our first lesson with her, we talked about where our church came from, I testified of Joseph Smith, she said she felt the chills. Inside my head I was like "IT'S THE HOLY GHOST!!" but on the outside I was like, "that's so neat" then sadly the subject changed and the spirit was gone. But we got it back and we talked about baptism and I asked her to commit to baptism as she found the Book of Mormon to be true, and she said YES! and promised to pray about the Book of Mormon! So excited:D:D She's living in a tough situation right now so it'll be hard for her to find th time to receive the lessons and to come to church, but I just pray that she doesn't lose that desire to "come unto God" like she told us about.
Aug.6-We went out street contacting today trying to talk to just anybody wandering around their equivalent of a main street. We came across a couple crazies, but the winner was rahmen. He's a muslim, from Pakistan who had talked to sister missionaries before. I never knew much about muslims but as we talked it turns out that alot of our standards were right in line with his his beliefs. For instance he commended us on our modesty, we discussed how the media is getting worse and worse and how there must be prophets today because there were prophets before Christ. He said he would be coming to church and would bring his family. Only downside to all of this is we found out that he and his family are in the Elder's area.meh.they get all the fun. But his shop is in our area (on "main" street) so maybe we'll be allowed to tag team this one. 
Aug.9- This is kinda a big deal, I don't think me and sis makin have seen a cockroach dead or alive in our house for the past 2 days!...oh and Deangelo committed to be baptized-WOOT-Sooo Deangelo, he's about 20-ish, and whenever we teach him he tells us how much he just wants to marry a good mormon girl, we were considering dropping him because we thought he was letting us teach him for the wrong reasons, but so far he seems really serious about following Christ. The big test will be when we try to get him to come to church on Sunday. He's very devoted to his current church already, he's like the stage manager for the band or something.
I can't believe it's already P-day again! I'm already halfway through my first transfer annnd I'm over 1 month old on my mission-crazy!!
I'm loving it! and couldn't be happier! 
Have a swelllllll day:D
Love, Sister Smith
PS: WILLIE WOKE UP!! yup he's gotten so much better, they took him off the ventilator and when he woke up he couldn't stop talking about how much he still wants to get baptized and become a member. 

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