Monday, September 2, 2013

ANYWHOO-here' s wee bits and pieces from me week:D

It's sad but so many people we teach don't have basic reading skills and it can be a real struggle for them to read the tough names in the BOM. One of the ladies we're teaching, Shareba (SHA-reeba) never gets the name Nephi right no matter how many times we urge her in the right direction. She always says Nehemiah instead, so we were in a meeting and they told us to turn to Nehemiah for a scripture and not thinking I flipped to 1 Nephi.
ANYWHOO-here' s wee bits and pieces from me week:D
Little miracle of the day! We were out knocking at like 8:40pm, which is the worst time to knock because it’s so late, and everyone tells us so, but we had an apt fall through so it wasn’t planned. Anywho, we walked past an apt that we had tried to contact and I saw a lady inside, we walked on but I felt the prompting to go back. So we did, and it turns out she was super nice, had actually visited our church before, and we set up a return apt!
John’s had a complete turn-around. When I first got to Hartsville, Sis Makin kept telling me about how hard headed John Ritch was, and about how he was so contentious when they’d been meeting with him. Wellll, we stopped by today and he reminded us he wanted to get baptized, and he wanted us to do it right. So we taught him about the WOW and chastity and gave him the coordinating pamphlets, and he was like “where’s the rest of them?”, we were like “rest of what, the pamphlets?”, he was like yeah, give it all to me, the complete set”. So we gave him every pamphlet we had, made him promise to watch the conference talk we gave him, and after this week he’s promised to start coming to church (he has a funeral to go to this Sunday)
Repinosa, pronounced Reponza=so GREAT! When we got there she was helping her niece out with Algebra 2, me and Sis Makin were able to settle a dispute about a math questions (I miss math! The only math we ever do here is when we’re determining mileage, or counting up our key indicators for the week) theeeeeen, after that I sneakily was able to relate life to a big math test, and how  we’re given different aids to do that math test (aka scriptures/prayer=calculators/algorithm’s). Haha, she just laughed and said she would be in big trouble if life was really just one big math test. I like her though-and I like even more that she’s willing to learn more and seek after the truth.
Transfers were yesterday annnnd, we’re both staying! I tried not to make it too obvious, but I was babysitting the phone all day anxiously checking to see if the *beep* meant Pres. Holm was calling, and then that night *drum roll* when they listed off the transfers, our names were never called. I only want to do exactly what the Lord needs me to do, and I’m more than happy to continue the work here in Hartsville-gah! We gotta get John, Tammy and Maggie baptized!!
 mmm, that's nuff I suppose-I hope y'all have the best day ever.
The worst it gets is wonderful, seriously we have so much to be grateful for, why would you EVER waste your time being unhappy-don't do it:)

Sister Lindsay Mae Smith

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