Monday, September 23, 2013

Who would of ever thunk

Who would have ever thunk that on of the most common difficulties people have with the book of Mormon is finding the page numbers. Just one of those things you don't think about until yer on yer mish and your investigator is quietly struggling to turn to the page.but yeah....onto more exciting little excerpts from the week.
I think I just found the little dipper on my leg. Yes, the constellations of mosquito bites are abundant upon my legs, and I’m guessing it’s from when we wandered around the Cole’s farm. The Coles live out in Mcbee and we paid them a visit hoping to inspire them to do missionary work and give us referrals. Missionary work wise, it wasn’t the most productive but I think it helped to talk with them and get them to like/trust us so maybe they’d be more keen to working with missionaries in the future. I NEVER would've guessed that the Coles who give us eggs from their chickens every weekend are originally from Southern California. Bro Cole was an electrical engineer and one day they were sick of living so jammed packed in with the rest of Southern Cali, so they sold their home, packed up and moved to South Carolina where they now make a living off of farming on their 94 acres of land.
September 21-Got a call this morning form Willie’s sister telling us he wouldn’t be up for baptism today because he wasn’t feeling to good. After we hung up we immediately called Willie and found out his knee was super swollen, we promised/testified that the Lord could heal him and get him to his baptism he just needed to have faith. Texts were sent out amongst the zone for extra prayers, the zone leaders went to the nursing home and gave him a blessing, but when the time came Willie and his nurses agreed that he wouldn’t be able to get baptized today…I really thought he was going to make it this time. Something always comes up, I just want to drag him down her and dunk him before he dies or something. He deserves this, wants this and more importantly NEEDS this-just gotta keep trying and having faith, it’ll happen.
Tammy’s baptism was AMAZING! Sis Makin and I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, we took tons of pictures the spirit was so strong and everything went perfectly. She was so cute and happy, and mark was there and it was just such a nice night. It’s still so surreal that it actually happened. Blows my mind that the Lord allowed lil ol Sister Smith to help someone progress towards and make it to baptism into His church, I’m so blessed.\
it's so hard to find the right balance between doing your best, but then acknowledging that you can do better. but it's worth it, never get complacent with who you are, because Heavenly Father knows you can be so much more. 
Sister Smith:D

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