Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm ok being a middle toe

I am a middle toe. Sis Genevieve Johnson shared this analogy in RS the other day and I loved it (I love all analogies)! She said one day she was reading in the bible about the body of Christ and how each part is important, and she wasn’t feeling too significant. She didn’t feel like she was making that much of a contribution to the world, and she thought-“what’s the most insignificant body part-the middle toe”, she told herself that she was the middle toe and that she wasn’t really that important. She prayed for strength and understanding, wondering if there was a purpose for her life. The next day she was going out to the garden and a metal wire sticking out of a fence went straight through the front of her shoe and stabbed into her middle toe clear under the nail. Oh it it hurt bad, after she got the bleeding to stop it was still throbbing and she wasn’t able to walk comfortably for a few days. It was then that she learned Heavenly Father was teaching her a lesson. That even the middle toe is important. Because if that middle toe isn’t doing it’s job and is making a fuss, or making things difficult the rest of the body cannot function to it’s ultimate potential. Therefore as a part of the body of Christ sometimes it’s best to ask how can I better work in unity, do my job and not inhibit the body of Christ, or the church. Whether it be through raising my kids one day, visiting teaching, fulfilling a calling or simply doing my duty as a member missionary or a disciple of Christ. Everyone is important, even if sometimes you only feel like a middle toe.
What I love about missionary work #28, being His hands. After Cilicia’s we were walking to go knock/contact, right as Wanda (a lady we had recently met) pulled up, we went up to say hi and realized she wasn’t doing too good either. She had just found out her Aunt had passed away, we bore testimony of the Savior and that she would see her aunt again, and most important to her at that time was the hugs, the attempt to comfort her through our words, assuring her that if she needed anything to let us know. She thanked us and told us she still really wanted to meet with us. I know that God loves Wanda so much, and sent us by at just the right time so we could stop and talk with her. If we would’ve been earlier we would’ve missed her, later and she might not’ve let us in or answered the door. But He knows, He loves us, and we need to always be ready to act on our promptings to uplift our brothers and sisters.
We wanted to see if we could track down Tammy and see about sending missionaries in her direction if she was really going to stay in North Carolina, but Miracle of the day! She’s back!-yeah we were so shocked when she answered and said she’d see ustonight for when we set up an apt with Mark. The last time we talked to Mark he seemed very adamant that he was leaving Tammy in North Carolina this time. I’m so grateful his heart was softened. We had a lesson with both of them, Mark had a shirt on, we read from the BOM, the spirit was there, they’re both coming to church and Mark’s committed to help Tammy to quit smoking! Miracles are just abundant!!
Wellll, I love y'all a whole lot. Be obedient and strive to have the spirit with you always. There are miracles out there the Lord needs us to perform through his power, we just gotta have FAITH! (ether 12:12)
Have a lovely lovely day!
Sister Lindsay Smith
seriously love y'all and so grateful for your influence on my life, and now my mission!! 

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