Monday, September 30, 2013

Poaching in South Carolina

We returned for an appt with this super cool veteran Dennis, and he was more than willing to meet with us buut he said he mentioned us to his wife and pastor and they weren't too happy. The pastor called us poachers and Dennis told us it probably wouldn't be the best for us to meet. meh. poachers? seriously? we had a good laugh over this one, if poaching means that we're bringing you into Christ's fold then yes Imma poacher, and proud of it!

Later that day we had our weekly visit with Carolyn, and as much as it kills me that she won’t just accept our message she is progressing. We really went deep into prophets today and helped her understand why we need a prophet, but more importantly why SHE needs/wants a prophet. After multiple explanations and scriptures, she finally agreed that she would pray to know if God had a prophet on the earth today. She seemed to struggle with the idea that she would have to go through someone else to hear what God has to say to her, but she was like “I can go to God myself”. She’s so great-and I know it’s taking her so long to come along because she’s so solidly planted in her beliefs, we just have to get her to start questioning those beliefs thennnn, WHAMO, baptism and she becomes the most stalwart Mormon ever. Oh yeah-our lesson was interrupted about 8 times by the telephone. She never answered it but every time we got to hear her voicemail. This voicemail totally embodies Carolyn, a larger, black, fried chicken and God loving woman. It says “whatever you need, God’s got it, leave me a message—BEEEEP” haha, love it!
Had our first lesson with Tammy as an official member of the church. Mark joined us and we talked all about how service is so important and how many opportunities there are for service in the church. Mark loved it all, he loved how organized the church is and how we all look out for one another (through home and visiting teaching). We asked him if he wanted to get baptized and he said to give him a couple weeks. The spirit’s totally doing a number on him though. Their house doesn’t smell so much like smoke, he didn’t resist too much when we asked him to say a prayer, and this weekend because they’re going out of town he was totally willing to go to the nearby LDS branch that we looked up for him on Even Bro. Krien said he totally noticed a difference in mark. The first Sunday at church Mark was like, “I’m only here to fulfill a promise I made”-the next week at church he told us he’d only be dropping Tammy off but he came in and stayed for all 3hrs again. He’s gonna get baptized and then a year from now they’re gonna get sealed in the temple-it’s so great! Tammy thinks she’s happy now, oh just waitJ
Such a miracle filled night! We went to try and do a lesson with Tiffany, no luck, but the idea to go out and see Connie arose. And whaddaya know she was actually home, we hadn’t seen her in over a month. Later that evening we go for a lesson with Frankie, his girlfriend wasn’t home and he had the kids so we couldn’t meet, then the idea comes to mind to knock on Calvin/Ivin’s old apt and Ta-Dah! We run into Carmen, a cute little (seriously not sure if she’s even 5 ft tall, makes hugs super awkward) black girl, in her 20’s who had previously been coming to church and meeting with the elders. Her current job now required her to work Sundays so she hadn't been able to come again and after they left she just lost touch with the missionaries I guess. She said she’d be able to come to general conference this weekend though, so we’re super excited for that! OH yeah! And when we were walking away down the stairwell we heard her exclaim “yes!” as she walked inside her apt. BAH! The message of the restoration truly is a reason to exclaim “yes!” :D:D 3rd miracle of the night, we had about 15 minutes until 9pm so on our way home we stop to try and set up an apt with Z (our Asian friend who’s just curious about Christianity in general) and before we go to Z’s we both get the idea to visit Carol/Susan nobody answered so we proceeded to Z’s. Turns out he had just barely gotten home from a trip, and we were able to chat with him for a bit and invite him to conference, he said he’d try to stop by for one of the sessions.

BAH! only 5 more days until conference!! do we realize how lucky we are, we have modern prophets who speak with God and then let us know all about it! I felt like I had a spiritual overload just from the RS broadcast. BTW-if you're male and didn't see it I'd highly recommend watching it:D can't imagine what it's going to be like to have 8hrs of it this weekend!!
Sister Lindsay Mae Smith:):)

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