Monday, October 7, 2013

Abraham Lincolm said

Abraham Lincoln said something like this...."give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I'll spend 4 hrs sharpening the ax." what a guy-it was definitely one of those ax sharpening weeks. Between LTM (leadership training meeting) and general conference there was so much sharpening. BUUUUT-now is the test. We've been taught but will we actually apply it in our lives and start hacking at the trees. 
The work is there, the work needs to be hastened, and it's up to us!
I couldn't have been more excited every time a general authority gave a talk, prayed about or mentioned missionary work. Seriously though-if a call from mulitple apostles and the prophet doesn't motivate the members to get more involved in missionary work I'm not sure what will. It's basically along the lines of Noah being like (check out those clouds on the horizon, what're you gonna do about it?!)
Anywho-It's such a great time to be a full time missionary. I love it:D
here's why....

We stopped by Tammy’s at 7, we’d tried texting her multiple times to set up an apt but she’d never responded-which wasn’t like her at all. We found out why, she was out with some nasty bug and had been throwing up all day. She tried so hard to come out and meet with us, but was pale as a ghost and looked miserable, so we sent her to bed then had an awesome little lesson with Mark about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We brought up baptism and he told us again that from what he’s learned of the church-so far so good, buuuut he wants to figure it out for himself by reading the Book of Mormon. As we were heading out he was telling us all about how he had to get to bed so he could get up at 3am to go to the gym, and how he was going to take Tammy’s phone and read the Book of Mormon while he works out. What? We didn’t even bring up that idea! We were so excited, definitely a “heel-clickin’” moment, sis makin’s still practicing her heel clicking.
We then went to see Maggie with Sister Mixon.  We were planning on teaching about the plan of salvation but thanks to the beauty of being a preach my gospel missionary, we were able to adapt the lessons to her needs…aka…we spent most of the time talking about baptisms for the dead. I know that the spirit was touching her heart, because she really took up to that idea. Just like in Elijah’s prophesy the hearts of the children are turning to their fathers. I feel like we never have enough time with our investigators, when we’re teaching the time just flies. There is so much work to do, so many people to love and so many ways to develop a closer relationship with my savior. BUT-time is the only limited thing we have. When I get home I want to no longer waste hours on worthless activities that don’t pertain to my God or to others. Too often the adversary tricks us into turning inwards and even tries to tell us that watching Netflix will be more rewarding that popping in on a neighbor for a brief visit. FALSE-people are so amazing, God’s children are amazing and they need us just as much as we need them…not Netflix. 
Oh blessed night-we had a lesson with Gary and Jeannette. Jeanette let us in, she’s this super sweet large black woman. When I say large I mostly mean tall, she’s probably almost 6’, as we were talking with her waiting for Gary to get home I saw a silhouette in the door way and it looked like maybe it was her son or something, but when he came into the light we found out it was Gary!! They’re so cute, so in love and he’s so much shorter than she is, about by 1’ I’d say. They accepted our baptismal invitation and said they’d try to make it to general conference. So it’s definitely been a blessed night.
Some little tidbits that I learned and loved from the Leadership Training Meeting this week...#1 Being a missionary isn't trying to convince someone that what I’m saying is true. But letting them know-w/o a shadow of a doubt-that I know that what I’m saying is true.#2 consecrated effort is never wasted. My life doesn't belong to me, it belongs to God-that’s what it means to be an instrument in His hands. #3 There is a reason why in a vehicle the windshield is so big and the rear view mirror, in comparison, is so small. It’s sad but too many people are trying to drive into life looking in that rear view mirror. You will get in many accidents that way.#4 You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink….however you CAN salt the oats. #5 whenever I come away from a big training or meeting, like LTM or general conference the most important part is what I take away from it and actually do to alter my life according to what the spirit has taught me. Soooo, meditate and look over all that’s been said/heard and then pull out just 1-5 of the things that my Father in heaven wants me to do to improve.

mmmk, that's nuff. now go out and be a missionary...follow the prophet eh?
Sister Lindsay Smith:D

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