Monday, October 21, 2013

Overjoyed in helping the Lord work his miracles

We have had a few people stop us as we're out contacting that tell us, "you can't solicit in this area, didn't you read the sign" to which we joyfully respond, we're not selling anything we're giving it out for free! That's right the message of the restoration is free, and if only you'd give it a chance you'd realize that the teensy-tiny bit that is required is given back to us 100 fold in blessings from our heavenly father! what?! crazy I know...makes me wonder why people don't just come running to the baptismal font....because the devil is a sneaky one, and just as  Elder Holland said, salvation has never been easy, so why should we expect the work of salvation to be so.
it may not be "easy" but boy is it worth it:D I love being a missionary!!
this week in SC...
We went way out to a referral who stood out to me that the Bishop had given us. Out we traveled to Mohawk road to find a Jeffrey bowcutt. We knocked on the door, no answer. Knocked again-no answer. Just then the phone rang so we paused on the doorstep to check the phone, just then we saw a lady peek through the windows. We quickly silenced the phone and waited, we could hear that she was on the phone also. After she hung up she opened the door and told us Jeffrey had moved.  We told her who we were, and turns out she’d actually talked with missionaries in the past a little bit but had never really gotten into the Book of Mormon. We bore our testimonies and spoke about the truth of our message and how much God loves her. Then there came a point in our conversation where she paused and just started weeping, as she told us “he’s a good boy, he’s just going through a hard time”. We had no idea what she was talking about. She went on to explain that her son is in a juvy rehab place and she’d really been struggling and that we were the answer to her prayers. After more testimonies, tears and sharing we left her with a prayer, and she committed to read the BOM. As we walked off she couldn’t stop telling us how we were the answer to her prayers, and I couldn’t be more overjoyed to have had the Lord allow us to work miracles in people lives. 

We had an appointment fall through so we decided to stop in on a lead I remembered that we had planned as backup, didn’t think much of it at the time. Knocked on her door, she opened it saw us and immediately invited us in-I was so shocked. Turns out she’d met with the missionaries a little before, but now she was really looking for the right church because she wants her grandson to get involved in a good church. She loved what we had to say, the spirit was so strong during the first vision and agreed to read the pamphlet we left with her that night when she was at work. Um, hoorah! I’m so grateful for missionaries who’ve come before me to pave the way so that when people come to that point in their life when they’re questioning and looking for truth-the missionaries will be there! Times like these also give me hope and teach me to have more faith in those random little contacts we meet throughout our day.

We had another meeting with Gale and she is just the most tender thing since puppies and cupcakes. She’s really struggling with depression, and told us all about how much she’s been crying and how she hates not being able to function regularly because of the depression. She told us that she cries all the time, but recently since we’ve been coming she’s been praying a lot more and crying a lot less. We taught her the plan of Salvation and she was really interested, told us all about how she’d never been taught anything like that. It always blows my mind when we ask people, “have you ever wondered where you came from? Or where you were before you gained a body and came to earth?” and so many people (like Gale) answer, “well I’ve never really thought about it before”…in my head I’m like “how could you not have thought about it before-now I understand why it’s one of those “golden questions”, it really gets people thinking and interested, becaaaaause we have the answer. Anywho, she’s the sweetest and told us over and over again how we’re just the biggest answer to her prayers, and we’re her angels-and I think it’s funny because she’s the answer to all of our prayers. I pray so hard that we can find those the Lord would have a teach so that we can bless people with this glorious message….heh heh, we complete each other:)

well, I think one email can only hold so many miracles-if only you could capture the joy this work brings to me. 
Love y'all and hope that you can have the blessing of recognizing the Lord's hand in your life:)
Sister Smith:D:D

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