Monday, October 28, 2013

Here' making the devil mad

it's been getting chilly, not gonna lie. I'm not sure if it's just because I've adjusted to the warm balmy weather that used to be, oooor if it's actually "cold". The temperature reading in Chewy (our 2011 toyota corolla) says it's only been in the 50's but it feels more like 40's...Im thinking it's because of the humidity. I'm super stoked though-because cold weather outside means that hopefully people will be more willing to let you into their home instead of standing on the porch and talking with you. can't wait!
here's some little excerpts from the y'all!

We got back meeting, then coordination ran late so we were late to out apt with Mike Weatherford, a nice, curious guy who had met with sister missionaries quite a while ago. He had some really good questions-I love it when people have questions! It means their heart is at least a teensy bit open. Just as Alma taught-they only need a desire to learn, and that desire will work in them, they’ll then be able to taste the fruit and like Lehi know that the fruit is most desireable.

Liz Rackley and her families getting baptized, it’s decided, she doesn’t know it yet but she’s what you’d call a “dry Mormon”. We met her at the baptism lunch of one of the member’s son. When we went by to talk with her that member, Celia Thompson, was there-surprise!-we had no idea she was going to be…which was rather interesting because we had prayed about different members to contact to see if they could come with us. When we prayed about calling sister Thompson the spirit told both of us no-so I guess the spirit didn’t want us to waste our time because he knew she was going to be there. Anywho-when we arrived she lives in this gorgeous log cabin just off of the lake/pond. She had a whole list of questions she had come up with from reading about Mormons. She’s so solid though; all of her friends are Mormon, they’re a great clean family with good values, she’s open to learning more and told us her main motivation was to find out what her friends had that she didn’t. We were able to answer her questions and leave her with a Book of Mormon. She said she’d definitely read it and come up with more questions, haha, maybe in powerpoint for this time (we were joking about how she had typed up her questions on her iphone and had copied and pasted different articles and references about the Mormon religion) the spirit was definitely there to help us out, there was a time when she brought up the question about-Do Mormons believe God lives on another planet, and I could tell it was alluring to the Kolob idea but I had no idea how to address it, buuuut luckily the subject changed and we didn’t really ever go back to that-phew. Hmm, Liz Rackley-I have a great feeling about her, and not just because she sent us on our way with rice krispie treats either.:D

Score! We were able to see Gary and Jeanette, and put them back on date for baptism on November 16. They have something they have to do this Sunday but said they’ll come next Sunday. Something I loe that Gary said when we were telling him that now that their choosing the right and working towards this big commitment to our Savior the devil is going to be working his hardest to stop them-to which Gary responded. “let’s make the devil mad”-yes Gary, lets:)
Well, here's to making the devil mad. hope y'all are successful!
Sister Lindsay Smith

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