Monday, October 14, 2013

Now is the time for members and missionaries to work together

The mist...sounds like a horror movie, oooooor it could just be the newest weather situation I've never experienced here before. It's not raining, and it's not just humid but it's literally misting outside. The Utah instinct side of me looks out the window (or win-der, as they'd say here) and the dark clouds, slight breeze and leaves on the ground just scream cold weather and snow, but pop outside and it's a pleasant 70-75 degrees.
Awesome lesson with Mark and Tammy, He basically told us that he has such a strong testimony of the bible that anything we show him in it he believes. We’re like Great! It’s a start, at least his heart and mind are open, I know as soon as he gets more into the book of Mormon, a testimony of it is sure to follow.
Later that night we had another great lesson with Porsha and he husband. I forgot she told us she was going to cook for us, so when we showed up at 7:30 she had a big spaghetti dinner waiting for us, she’s so great!...however I’d already eaten and was so sick after I stuffed down the giant plate-o-pasta. We chatted openly about Joseph Smith and the restoration and they both agreed that what we said made perfect sense, and Porsha’s only reaction to the first vision was “oh wow”. Porsha’s actually really good friends with a member so we encouraged her to ask her questions after they both agreed that they’d start reading the Book of Mormon. Before we left they wouldn’t let us leave without food. Her mom who was in watching TV got up just to grab us some cookies and Raman from the pantry, threw in a package of bologna and not to mention they gave us a coupld plates of leftover spaghetti. They’re so cool! Love em-and I can totally see them getting sealed in the temple one day, can’t wait to teach them more, and really praying they find the time to read the Book of Mormon.

We were in a lesson and got a text from President Holm that said to give him a call when we got the chance.DAH! Do you realize what that means! President doesn’t ask you to call him unless you’re getting transferred/training. Sure enough, I gave him a call and I’m staying in Hartsville and I’ll be training a new missionary. Sister Lundholm asked me how I felt and I just told her that I’m grateful for the prophets promise that the Lord qualifies who he calls. I so desperately want to be that perfect example that doesn’t hinder my companion in any way; I want to be uplifting, loving, humble, open, fun, responsible, obedient-basically the perfect missionary. Which isn’t possible, but what is possible is that my Heavenly Father will help me to be the companion that Sister Something needs. We had stake conference tonight and a member of the 70 was there! Whaaat?? So cool right? Yeah, like one of the guys who’s on the centerfold of the general conference ensigns. It was Elder Paul V. Johnson. The theme of the night was….sure enough-Missionary work, and getting the members involved. I need to repent, we’re not the best at working with members and I often take the excuse that there aren’t many in our area to work with, welp, NO EXCUSES. They showed the clip of Pres. Monson from conference, and I couldn’t be more thrilled when he boldy declared to the church “Now is the time for members and missionaries to work together” (that may or may not be the exact wording). I’m feeling the pressure on our end of things too-especially now that I’ll be training. How can I set the example for how to work with members, and how to get the members involved? Definitely lots of prayers, as always. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to train, serve and rise to the prophets call. To hasten means to accelerate and go faster than the current pace. We have been called to hasten the work, and it’ll be hard; we might get winded, our muscles may ache-but boy oh boy will it be worth it! Just imagine how the church can grow-the beautiful thing about missionary work is the great ripple effect it can have.
 I hope y'all have a great day! Love ya tons! ...and go heed the prophets call! the time is NOW. Funny, the last time I remember prophets and apostles focused so much on one topic was back when they were stressing the need to get out of debt, food storage, plant your own gardens, and what not. Now it's all missionary work-interesting eh? well i can assure you canned peaches are important but nothing is sweeter than sharing your testimony and the blessing that accompany it.

Sister Lindsay Smith:D:D

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