Monday, March 31, 2014

Saturday was the day of transfers, we already knew that Sis Godfrey was shipping out. Pres Holm shed some light on that at the fireside a few days earlier, but we were blessed enough to get a text requesting us to call him, and turns out I'm training again. I guess Heavenly Father knows I need the extra training time, and the great influence of a fresh missionary to put me in my place;) I'm real bummed to Sis Godfrey go, what am I going to do without her. I mean where do you get a companion who will laugh it off when you soak her with a tree branch full of water and walk at incredibly fast speeds to hasten our work? but there are grand things in store for both of other news, we had a real great week!!

A less active couple in the ward said they had a friend that was interested in meeting with the missionaries. We made like southerners to mac-n-cheese and jumped on that opportunity. The only issue was our directions to where they lived included, it’s on the street with the fire dept and it looks like a castle. We walked all down past the fire dept and saw no such castle. We tried again a few days later, this time venturing in the opposite direction and sure enough just around the corner was a home made with stone that looked like a castle. So Cory and Tara have 4 kids, he got his bachelors in religious study. It was so refreshing to talk with him, he was very open minded. From what he had studied about Mormonism he recognized them as Christians, respected their moral values and believed that it was significant that Joseph Smith was martyred just like many past apostles and prophets. The gospel is simple and makes sense, he seems like the type that will be able to see that. He’s also pretty cool due to his goatee. It’s like 6 inches long and he keeps it in blue and green ponytails, it’s real nice.

Here's some motivation for y'all-go hasten the work!...
Sis Farrel is the prime example of what it means to be a member missionary. For starters here’s what you’ll hear if you call her and it goes to voicemail…

“Hi you’ve reached Jean Farrel, if you’d like to learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints just give me a call” *BEEEEP*. grand right?

Sis Redford and Shayla Redford came with us to Shane and Alisha’s this morning. We’d felt the need to talk about the priesthood with her, but before we could even say Susquehanna river she brought it up herself. After explaining it, she decided it made sense but would have to study more about it. Moving on into the Plan of Salvation all of it made a lot of sense to her. Haha, she loved the aspect of the spirit world, but when we brought up the part about baptisms for the dead her reaction was…”ehh, do I have to? The only thing that comes to mind is my dead grandma saying, ‘let the dead rest’” we assured her she didn’t HAVE to do baptisms for the dead. It was a great lesson, and Alisha said she’d be at the broadcast tonight as well-paige was bummed that she had to work, but said they’d be able to catch at least one session of General Conference.
So earlier today we got to stop in with Dave and Nanny and had another great experience. I just never know what to expect when I go in there. The reason Dave had missed church this morning was because Nanny had fallen and cut her arm. Judging I thought it was a pretty weak excuse, until they decided to redress her wound. They didn’t have any gauze or bandages so they put toilet paper on it and wrapped it with an Ace bandage. When Dave pulled it off the toilet paper was sticking. Nanny’s pretty old and I could tell pulling was just ripping the skin off more. I had her grab my hand to squeeze the pain, like when my dad would have me bite a pencil. She didn’t like him pulling it slowly, so her grand idea was to rip it like a band-aid. Bad idea. She ripped and so did most of her. Skin. This was a gnarly gash. After some deliberation, I tried my best to play nurse and had them rip up an old sheet to use as bandage. Dave poured iodine in it to cleanse it-not my idea, and Nanny didn’t appreciate it too much neither. Next plan of action. I gave Dave the job of holding nanny’s hand for support. Sis Godfrey then supported her arm while I used some scissors and nail clippers to cut away the dead skin. It was quite the process. I felt like I was in some makeshift surgery scene, I was very proud of my ability to deal with the gore and kind of wish I would've taken before and after pictures of what the wound looked like when Nanny first ripped the Toilet paper off as opposed to how it looked after I did some grooming with my less than sterile scissors.

only good things ahead! love y'all more than you know or will ever realize! thanks for your support and prayers, because these people deserve it:)

Sister Lindsay Mae Smith

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