Monday, March 24, 2014

What a Life I get to live!

Sometimes you're just blessed with one of those weeks, and when you peek ahead to what's in store you get all giddy and excited. My mind is BLOWN away when I think that we'll be having transfers next wed. The past 3 months in Anderson felt like nothing. Sis Godfrey and I have been having so much success, teaching so many new investigators and just started getting the ward going with their own missionary actions plans, and now she's probably gonna be headed on elsewhere. The work goes on, and our time here as missionaries really is super short/precious.

annnnnywho, here's a bite out of my week:)

We met with Katrice that afternoon and had a great first lesson. After we touched on the apostasy I asked, “if Heavenly Father was following the same pattern he had in the bible, what would happen following the apostasy” (I was hesitant to ask this question, not sure if she’d really understand) she replied, “Christ would come again, or He’d call another prophet”, “yes, he would” we replied. We were then able to testify of Joseph Smith and his experience. We then knelt in prayer and she prayed and asked if Joseph Smith was a prophet. We sat there for a couple minutes in silence, the spirit weighing down like a thick blanket. Still kneeling, her head buried in her arms as she leaned on the couch, we could tell she had begun to cry. Sympathetically I reached over and rubbed her shoulder asking her how she felt now. She said she felt so good, we testified of the spirit and committed her to be baptized April 26! She was so eager about it all, wrote in everything on the baptismal calendar herself and set up to come teach her more in a couple days. Me and sister Godfrey just sorta floated out of there, it was awesome!

We walked in and they were having spaghetti. I was totally fine with it, love the stuff, we just thought it was pretty funny because we’d had spaghetti as a meal 4 times in the past 3 days. It was a grand ‘ol time, enjoyed some bread from a can (they now put loaves of bread, ready-to-bake in a can, like canned biscuits!), and afterward were finally able to sit down and have a lesson with Alisha. We’d only given her a Book of Mormon and taught her family. She said that so far nothing in it went against her beliefs, and didn’t see any real differences. We then went in the priesthood, Joseph smith and where the Book of Mormon comes from. She took everything right in and promised us she’d definitely continue to read. She’s amazing, loves her family so much and strives to find anything that will strengthen or help her family in these tumultuous times. She told us that from what she’s read so far, no body can tell her there’s not good things in that book (book of Mormon), she said people had tried to tell her but she was at the point where Christ would have to come down himself to get her to stop. I’m really praying she’ll get a strong witness and have the faith to follow it-I could see her whole family following suit, I believe Shane (her hubby) would come right along as well as some of her kids. She’d be an insta-young women’s President-love their family so much!

What a life I get to live! Out knocking around and this man opens the door,”oh you want to see my wife right?”, “um, well, yes but it doesn’t really matter who we see”, “right, come on in”. We didn’t even get a chance to say who we were before we walked into their home, he introduced himself as a disciple of Christ and from there we discovered he’s actually Mormon, just hasn’t been baptized yet. Seriously though, this guy and his wife have consecrated themselves to God’s will, everything he believes goes right in line with our beliefs down to the spirit world, Christ visiting others after his resurrection and more importantly than that is how he and his wife LIVE their faith. He’s also also used to work with bro carpenter in the ward, bro carpenter also has the best conversion story (found a BOM in a marriot hotel, next thing you know spirit witnesses-whamo-baptism!). I’m real excited to go back, and have a chance to really teach them, I was learning so much from what he shared-he’ll be a great Sunday school teacher one day. It was just a peaceful environment where the spirit could easily abide, we didn’t have to fight for it to stay. Great.

Southern speck of the day: people are always taking baths…but what they really mean is shower. Makes it kinda hard to know when people actually take baths, meh guess that’s kinda inconsequential.

Also, some of the older southerners don’t say “what?” or “huh” when they didn’t hear what you said. They say “do what now?”.

sorry it was so long, life's just too great!

hope y'all, where 'er yer at enjoy the beauty of spring and the restored gospel.

sister lindsay mae smith

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