Monday, March 10, 2014

Sister Smith identity is Safe

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the field is white!
it's about 70 degrees outside, with blue skies, a slight breeze and I'm a life is too good!

She’s heeeeere, Bro Helm texted us to let us know that Sis Hairston our favorite less active was in Anderson at a nursing home for a couple weeks for some rehab work. When we talked with him on Sunday he said that she was excited to find out he’s a member (he was working at the nursing home) and she told him about how Sis smith is always trying to get her to believe in Joseph smith, but she doesn’t believe in him. We stopped by tonight and when we peeked in the door she was so excited to see us, but tried her best to not show it too much. She was the nicest she’d ever been, let me read from the Book of Mormon w/o too much eye rolling, only stuck her tongue out at me once and was a little more open minded about hearing about Joseph Smith. My favorite was at the beginning she swore, and I gave her “you know better than that” look, to which she responded, “Yup, I said it and I LIKED it!”. She’s great. She actually confided something in us today, and said that she’d defend joseph smith to her grave and would never talk about him or the Mormon church like she does to us. But that she still wasn’t sure about him, but said “when God’s ready he’ll let me know”. Also she conveniently has nothing to do at the nursing home, because she was taken so abruptly to the hospital, and enthusiastically welcomed the Ensigns we said we’d bring by, even said she might come to church if they’d let her leave. She does not love it there, so I told her to give the Jazzersize they offer every morning a try-I think I got another eye roll for that one.

BEST MOMENT EVER, yesterday when we were at Jimmie and Tish’s Jimmie comes up to us. Now you’ve got to understand we already feel awkward around Jimmie because he loves to give us hugs and we’re always trying to skirt our way out of it. So he comes up to us and leans in real close placing his hands on both of our shoulders, we tensed up as he whispered to us “don’t worry y’all, I haven’t told anyone your names”. A few weeks ago we explained how we don’t share our first names to emphasize the fact that we’re all brothers and sisters and for safety, and I guess he took the safety thing a little farther than we anticipated. Haha, glad our identities are safe with Jimmie, that guy is a hoot.

We showed up to the birthday party at Shane and Alisha’s and there are a bunch of cars in the driveway and parked down the street. I should be more faithful, but my thoughts are like “oh great, they’re going to see us walking up and think the mormon’s are the party crashers”. Luckily paige and james spotted us and took us under their wing introducing us to a few people. When Alisha found us she swept us right up and proceeded to take us around to the 30+ different family members and friends and introduce us to them all as her friends Sister Smith and Sister Godfrey. I threw in the fact that we were also Mormon missionaries. What they really loved was when she told them how we were the ones that got Shane interested in church again. Although he’s not interested in the Mormon church right now.   I’m really glad he’s taking a step in the right direction and that the family is equating that with the Mormon missionaries. But she just spoiled us, I don’t know if she’s like that with everyone or if it’s because of the spirit she feels, but she made me feel like the most important and loved person. We ate BBQ and cake and ice cream with them all and spent a lot of the time talking with her mother and best friend. Her mom is basically a Mormon, but seriously, as we were talking here’s a few things that SHE brought up. 1. The trinity and how the members of the Godhead are separate beings. 2. The importance of God’s interpretation of the bible and knowing what the TRUTH was. 3. The gospel being preached to those who never had a chance to learn about Christ and 4. Here's was what BLEW me away she was quoting a scripture and emphasized how it said the heavenS, emphasis on how the word heaven is plural. She believes in multiple levels of heaven! She said she’d spoken with missionaries before, we couldn’t come over because her husband was a verrrry devout catholic, but I made her promise to read from the BOM and pray. I really really hope she does-I could just see her whole family kids and grandkids all following her example.

Have a good day, and ya know make it a good southern day and have a hotdog (people love'em down here)...and don't forget to put some coleslaw on it:)

love y'all! sister smith...or as some of my good friends pronounce it here

sista smiff

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