Monday, March 3, 2014

The color of a nanner is yeller

I never thought I could come to love people soo much in such a short period of time. When I think about my past Hartsville people, my heart aches for how much I miss them, yet when I'm with my Anderson people I'm on top of the world. Charity is definitely a gift, and I'm extremely grateful for the extra portion he blesses missionaries with to love these precious souls:)
Well now, hopefully a glimpse into my week will help y'all feel the same way:D

Update on the blood splatter scene-- we met a few days ago at Shane’s house. This time when we walked in through the garage instead of being welcomed by a scene out of CSI- Anderson Shane and his wife Alisha were chilling in the garage. He gashed his finger open, and luckily the blood made it look a lot worse than it really was. We had a really good time talking with them and Alisha was really sincere in expressing how she hoped we would come back again. As we explained the BOM/revelation/prophets the whole time she’d nod her head and be like “well, that’s right in line with what I believe”. I could tell it really touched her because at the end she gave a really good hug. You can always judge it by the good hugs/handshakes at the end of lessons.

Finally got someone to let us do some service, we made our way over to Dave and Nanny’s this morning in our painting clothes, that’s right pants. Dave was shocked to see us in pants. I was wearing basketball shorts and he said, “I never thought I’d see the day when I’d see one of the sisters in thunder blunders”. When we asked him what thunder blunders were and where the name came from, he was like “you know, basketball shorts, because you have the players going up and down the court thundering”. Sister Godfrey and I crammed inside his tiny little bathroom and painted it white for him He was very grateful he said, “oh this’ll be great now when I sit in the tub I don’t have to stare at purple walls”. He was fixin dinner (what some people call lunch here) and would pop in every few minutes to make a clever remark or joke, telling us how the yard bird (chicken) probably wouldn't be done in time. After our hard work we enjoyed canned chicken and dumplings, green beans, homemade cornbread and Dave said that because we ate all our veggies he’d give us a fudgeypop. Best part was the lesson we had before the paint job, we were talking about baptisms for the dead and asked Nanny what she thought about it all. She responded, “I think I want to be baptized” Dave was like “but you’re not even dead yet?!”. It took us a little off guard too, but she explained how she really believed and felt like this was something she needed to do and committed to be baptized March 22! We might have to get about 4 guys crammed in the font to get it done because she’s in a wheelchair, but it’s gonna happen:)

lovin' the south, never gonna leave. this is the best/most important work in the world!

love y'all!

-sister smith

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