Monday, October 13, 2014

A Beautiful Busy Week

This week was beautiful, one of those weeks where you just go out and work your heart out, the times blows by. Then WHAMO, Monday is here again and you get sick to your stomach thinking about how quickly time is passing by. In the words of the beloved white handbook, "time is one of the most precious resources your Father in Heaven has given you". By the way, that doesn't just apply to missionaries either, so after you skim over the adventures of sister smith, go out and do something good today!

We were in DDM, and good ‘ol Elder Taylor was giving his training when suddenly Sis Wheelock says…”um, what’s coming out of the vents?”

We all looked up to see large plumes of smoke coming in through the vents in the ceiling. All four elders immediately stood up and told us sisters, stay here we’re going to go figure this out, and they all quickly shuffled out one-by-one in their suits and ties to save the day. Well, we weren't going to just wait in the relief society room and get smoked out so we all left to go wandering ourselves. Sis Burbank grabbed a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall of the kitchen and we wandered around aimlessly trying to solve the problem. We never figured it out, we assumed the outside vents had sucked in some smoke from a nearby burn pile. But in the end we were able to relocate to the primary room and continue to be instructed about asking for referrals, the importance of following up and extending commitments. All is well.

Oct 9

Sis Call went biking with me this morning, we tried to contact a very nice Spanish women who told us she didn’t speak any English. I stammered out a messy, “we missionaries Jesus Christ”, she nodded and smiled but I don’t think she had any idea what we were saying. I then proceeded to try and do charades to show her that we wanted to help her rake her leaves, but she had no idea what we were talking about. Haha, it probably didn’t help that my charades was also mixed in with sign language.

We had our ASL class with Sis Barker, Sadie wasn’t able to come so we were on our own. We decided we’d start trying to memorize the sacrament prayers. It was much harder than we thought. It made it so much more meaningful to learn it in sign, it really helped us to take it word by word, and concept by concept. I love how visual sign is, it helps me to truly remember what the sacrament is all about, and I’m so grateful for each Sunday I get to renew my covenants with my Father.

Oct 10

During conference Sis Burbank and I both got the impression that we needed to drop Joan. Dropping investigators is the worse, but the spirit confirmed again in our lesson with her tonight that dropping is what will be the best for her in the end. She’s just not ready for the gospel right now. Even though we were dropping her, we still made an effort to involve members and had her friend Sis Winters join us. We read a little from Alma 22, and I asked Sis Winters what sacrifices she’d made for the church and how had they blessed her. Sis Winters was so enthusiastic about the gospel and the church. I’m pretty sure if there was a stenographer present, many exclamation points and ALL CAPS would have been usedJ She shared that she never really sacrificed, because she’d been blessed 10-fold for living the gospel. It was perfect for Joan, although she may not now be ready to commit right, she was able to feel a strong spirit and excitement from Sis Winters. Now is the time for members and missionaries to work together, I’m so grateful for inspired prophets in these days to direct us on how to hasten the work!:D


-Sadie our interpreter couldn't come so I interpreted all Sunday long for kitt! dah! I'd never done both sacrament, sunday school and priesthood!
-Elena took us out for japanese hibachi!
-went to taco bell for my first time, now I feel like a real American!
-starting to memorize The Living Christ, so beautiful.

love y'all much much!
carry on and have a great day!


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