Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 26, 2014

After gospel principles we were talking with Morgan, (he came for his second Sunday in a row!!), Sis Eagan came up and asked Morgan, are you investigating the church. You wanna know Morgan’s response?? “No, I’m joining.” I was signing with Kitt, so I missed it, but when sis Burbank told me I was so thrilled!!!! Morgan’s the best, he has so much faith and he shows it! …good things are in store for this one. I really can’t get it out of my mind of how amazing it would be if Morgan chose to serve a mission…sigh.

Oct 20, 2014

Tonight was a great night as well we had 3 lessons. First was one with Kayla, it was quick, effective and then we were off. The best form of missionary work is being able to do quick efficient lessons where you leave them at a spiritual peak, the whamo, you’re gone, and they’re left wondering “what just happened, and how can I have it happen again”. Ok, that’s the ideal, not saying it happens everytime with us, but we try real hard. Our second lesson was with Morgan and Bro Duren. It was on the gospel of Jesus Christ, I love teaching and testifying about the Atonement, I feel like my understanding has deepened so much on my mission, and Morgan really wants to have that “clean start”. Our third lesson was with Cindy, and included the world’s most loved rhythmic game, ping-pong! Cindy’s a 60yr old grandma ping-pong master, and invited us to play. We just hit it back and forth, never really keeping score, but we could tell she could’ve smashed us at any moment, I was so impressed. We talked a lot about the organization of the Church, and different things she’s experienced since her son is a member. So much fun, and my skills haven’t taken too much of a beating either.

Oct 21, 2014

Sis Eagan joined us for our lesson with the Lincolns and it was so perfect! We told them last week that we’d be doing a testimony meeting today. We started with talking about what a testimony is then me, Sis baker an Sis Eagan shared a brief testimony and then we went youngest to oldest. Gabby paused for a long bit, and we tried to help her figure out what to say, then she cuts in and says, “can I say the church is true?”, “of course!”, so she says, “I know the church is true”. Isabella bore a precious testimony about God’s love and how he’s there for us. Kami was awesome and shared a little story about a time she prayed at a cross country meet, and felt a spirit of peace and comfort come over her. Sis Lincoln told how she’d been thinking A LOT about investigating the church, and all that they’ve learned and felt. She told us she’d try to get through this, and told bro Lincoln not to look at her, or she’d start crying. She said they’d had individual interviews with each of the girls to see how they’ve been feeling about it all. I was in awe at how amazing all of them are, how elect, how strong the spirit was, haha, I had to try hard to not drool. She said, choking back tears that she knew she was taking her family in the right direction. In the end they committed to praying about taking the next step and being baptized November 29!! Sis Eagan shared her conversion story, and it was so perfect for Kami and sis Lincoln! She testified how in the beginning when she was taking the lessons she wasn’t 100% about it all, and was super nervous but continued on, and eventually that witness came. I was so nervous the whole time, and felt like I couldn’t say anything I wanted to. But I KNOW that what they felt, and what I felt will never be forgotten, but my stumbling and stammering will quickly be whisked away. AH! I can’t even express how much joy explodes in my innards every time I think about their family, and how much they’re progressing and what additional blessings lie in store!!

Oct 24, 2014

Earlier we used our miracle miles and drove out to visit some long lost less actives out in st. George, only about 30min away but we rarely get out there, here’s who we found…
-Harry, he lives in a state park. Haha, took us a minute to find his address using our GPS.
-Mike, the Pentecostal husband of A less active lady. He was really nice, we related on missionary work, and he advised us not to fall off the path.
-the Harley’s weren’t home, but I was able to determine that their electric fence was indeed on, haha.

Love y'all, don't forget to look for the miracles and how it all relates back to our Saviors Atonement, and then share it with someone else:)

Sister Smith

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