Monday, October 20, 2014

Beautiful, Beautiful week except maybe getting the Flu Shot

ummmm, let's just get into things shall we:)

Last year Sis Holm had recommended it, but this time Sis Turner was very direct in telling us we didn't really have a choice, and that we didn’t have to worry because mission medical (our missionary insurance) would cover the entire cost. Haha, she ended the email with, “make sure to text the mission nurse after you’ve gotten the shot, so that we can know who has been an obedient missionary”-what the guilt trip?! Haha, I’ve never had a flu shot in my life, and I’ve also never had many issues with the flu, so I wasn’t too excited to get it. But just as Nephi says in 2 nephi (the very last verse) “I MUST OBEY”. So all four of us went to the CVS and got our shots together! I was a little unhappy when the lady told me it was going to cost $13 still. I asked her if I could just negate my purchase of the shot at this point, but she told me no…which made me think "what if I really didn’t have any money? Would they have made me stock shelves for 2 hours to earn my flu shot?!" Just kidding, I paid for it, begrudgingly, received the shot, and now I’m convinced that just out of pure irony I’m going to get the flu this year. I haven’t been sick my whole mission, well I haven’t been sick enough to have to stay in, and I pray I never will. I was really nervous I was coming down with something because when night time rolled around y stomach was feeling a little queasy, and I kept getting the chills, and then feeling feverish all night long, but it passed, and all is wellJ

Speaking of illnesses, we had a “sick” lesson with Morgan Vaughn tonight.   He’s a 20yr old whose dad was raised in the church, but fell away at a young age. Morgan’s dad’s side of the family is still active in the church, and he’s always wanted to know more. He’s super intelligent and insightful for a 20yr old boy, and he sincerely wants answers to his questions about the purpose of life, and what he’s doing here. It was crazy awesome as we taught him the restoration, he understood and agreed with everything. He’d already read the pamphlet we left last time, and as we read he was able to tell us what part came next. He would bring up different things he wants to achieve, or things he believes and we were able to pull out scriptures in the Book of Mormon to prove that his beliefs are true doctrine!

We had MLC again today-I love MLC so much! It’s amazing to gather as the mission leadership council and strive to represent the missionaries in our zone. This time was extra special because we had two representatives from Salt Lake City. One was Bro Hemingway from the Church’s proselyting dept, and the other was Bro Hall from the Church’s finance dept. They spoke with us the entire time, answering the questions we wanted to know. I loved what they trained on about how this is the LORD's work, not ours. HE will hasten his work how he wants it hastened, and we can either get with the program or not.

At MLC the people from church headquarters told us when we’re contacting that we should try telling people, “we’re your missionaries!” This afternoon we went to check on a less active family. This man answers the door, and we asked him if this was the Hartley’s residence, he told us they had moved. I jumped in “well, we’re your missionaries!”-Sis Burbank said, “We come out sharing a message about Jesus Christ”. He then told us…”yeah, let’s not get into that” and he slowly closed the door while we said farewell and passed a card quickly to him. Haha, it wasn’t quite the response I was expecting...

beautiful beautiful week, hope yours is just dandy as well!!

love, Sister Smith!!

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