Monday, October 6, 2014

I cannot believe October is already here.

This week went by crazy fast due to the fact that we went on 3 back-to-back exchanges. I saw sis Burbank for a total of 45 min on wed, and 2 hrs on Thursday.
However, I'm grateful, especially due to the amazing messages we were able to hear from the Lord's servants at General Conference. It's killing me how quickly time is flying by, haha, including my time to email so let's get to it eh?:)
here's a bite of my week.

We had another FHE with Joan at the Cicon’s. The FHE lesson was a practice baptism for cody, he’s 8 and is being baptized next Saturday. Before the lesson, cody went up to joan and said he had a special invitation for her. I figured he was just going to invite her to his baptism, but he blew me away when he stuttered out, “Joan, I wanted to ask you, will you be baptized with me, and my dad can baptize you?”. My heart melted with that little guys sweet and sincere invitation. It melted again in disappointment, when Joan said she wasn’t ready. We were so proud of little cody though, it was the sweetest thing. It makes me so excited for the future when I see solid families being raised by parents who BOTH served missions.

What!? Can you believe that for Sis Makin’s last exchange, I got to be the one she went with!! I was so excited, over 1 yr ago this sister finished training me, and here we were reunited one last time. I couldn’t grasp how quickly time had passed. It was great to serve with her again and see how much we both had changed, but still our teaching flowed as it once had in Hartsville. We had the most amazing lesson with the Lincoln family. They opened up with their concerns, Sis Blonquist answered their questions and bore powerful testimony, and Sis Lincoln told us that she doesn't “get” it all quite yet, but she’s getting there.

We had planned to teach about temples and eternal families. After sharing a little, sis makin asked sis jenny Lincoln if she wanted her family to be together forever. Jenny told us this was a rather sensitive topic, and both she and Cami began to cry. We learned that Jenny had been previously married and her husband, Cami and Isabella’s dad, had passed away. She asked, “if we go through with this and get baptized, and I go through the temple with Bro Lincoln---will Kami ever see her dad again?”. I was struck dumb, both Sis Makin and I were speechless on the best way to answer this hurting family’s concern. Sis Blonquist was amazing as she bore testimony of the power of covenants and trusting in God’s plan. She shared how we’re all family, linked back to Adam, and if we make and keep covenants we will be with the ones we love. It was perfect.

We ALSO learned that Jenny Lincoln hadn’t been invited to come to the women’s broadcast, but she’d contacted Sis Blonquist about coming to the broadcast, and they all came to church the next day as well! I love this family so much, and I’m so grateful to be here and now teaching this family the gospel of my Savior.

what else??

-we got permission from president to use jillian michaels workout videos, so pumped!

-elena came to conference, loved it! and cried the whole time:)

-had conference lunch with bishops family both sat and sunday

-found a few new awesome investigators I'm really excited about!

I love y'all so much!

I'm so grateful this week for the power of personal revelation, and how the Lord answers our questions through his servants. Don't stop asking questions and seeking for growth, the Lord doesn't want us as we are, but wants us to become something so much more.


Sister smith

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